Lets Run Boys

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'BEEP. BEEP. BEEP.' I groan and turn in my bed just to hurt my hand trying to slap the off button on my alarm clock but instead hitting the cold hard surface of my wooden nightstand.

"What is life?" I grumble flipping my legs lazily out of my bed. Noticing my alarm clock was still blaring throughout the room, I grab it and chuck it at the floor. "Finally," I smile sheepishly. I hear it go off again not even five minutes later.

"Curse mornings and snooze buttons!" I finally decide to just unplug the thing then stomp in frustration into my bathroom. I look in the mirror and smile at Bens shirt. Hope he is having just as much fun with my undergarments.

That's a silly word.

I splash water onto my make-up-less face and redo my messy bun before walking into my kitchen for breakfast.

I start hunting for a donut that I have been craving but fail. I once again groan about the inconvenience of sweet morning treats like I always do and grab the box of fruity pebbles in my kitchen cabinet.

Waking up at six and not getting a sweet reward for it just sets a foul mood on humans like myself.

I shove the spoonfuls of cereal into my mouth while glaring at the white wall in front of me.

"Delivery!" Someones hand repeatedly slaps the apartment door from the outside.

Ugh. Humans.

"Sorry Rachel Williams can't come to the door right now! She's sleeping!" I yell in a monotone voice.

"Very funny Rach, I know your awake."

"Benjamin?" I get up from my seat and speed walk to the door. I have to stand on my tip toes just to see trough the little peep hole.

I spy with my little eye, a box from the bakery and two coffees, one with the words T-shirt stealer on it and the other with undergarment trade written in sharpie. I rip the door open and grab the box from him skipping back to my original spot.

"Good morning to you too," Ben laughs when I open the box, see a donut with pink frosting and sprinkles on top and gasp. "Oh the donut is for me." He says when he sits down on the chair across the table from me.

"You did not just say that," I say holding the box tenderly to my heart.

"Okay I admit, I got it for you and this coffee." He slides the drink over to me, "nice shirt by the way."

"Thanks. Hey Ben?" I say with a mouthful of goodness.

"Yes Rach?" He asks compressing a laugh behind it.

"Are you sure you're not a mind reader?" I ask licking off the pink frosting left on my fingers.

He lets out a short laugh and looks around the room observantly having his face serious, "psh, I wish."

"Why are you up so early?" I ask him after I finish my pastry treat.

"I run in the mornings. I decided to get this for you before I go though to be a nice neighbor," he says drinking his coffee.

"You run too?" I ask drinking mine.

He gulps down the sip he took and nods, "oh every morning yeah. Do you?"

"That's why I'm up. Other then that I dread mornings." I explain.

"You want to join me then?" He asks me with a hint of hope in his eyes.

"Rain check for tomorrow? I'm skipping today since I know I will be running with the team."

"Aw man you're making this too easy! The boys will be tired if you run them." He says leaning on the table with his elbows.

"Our teams don't challenge each other for another week." I tell him.

"Correction, my team doesn't beat yours for another week." He rebuffs.


"This is so not fair!" Mitch shouts.

"Coach. You already beat my outstanding MarioCart score. This isn't called for." Adds Hunter.

I laugh checking of my clip board attendance, "nice haircut." His dad decided to shave Hunters head bald two nights ago. He looks like a potato.

He smacks his hands atop his head, "I know I look dumb! Can you not rub it in Rachel!"

"I wouldn't be doing my job then," I say and wink, "now go finish your laps!"

"Coach! We have run five laps around the field. Please not more." One of the boys say.

"Alright. Would you rather run a nightmare?" I challenge.

"Say no!" Mitch yells.

"Nightmares it is." I say. Everyone line up on the touch line." They don't move, "now!" I blow into the black whistle I brought along with me. "A nightmare is when you sprint down and back three times."

"This is going to be too easy." Hunter shakes his head.

"In under a minute thirty seconds." I finish eyeing him.

"Spoke too soon." He adds.

"If even one player doesn't make it, you all run again. So, you better trust your team. Because when I played my first year in college the pre season had these every morning. But our team would do these five times. No break. We would jog to practice praying a car would hit us." A few of the boys laugh, "so," I look at each one of them, "don't be babies."

I get out my phone and start the timer with all of the boys waiting anxiously. "Ready. Set." I pause for dramatic affect, "go!" They all take off down and back but on the last one they start to slow, "come on! I believe in you guys! Just run back and done!" A few speed up but I know almost always there will be players that drop back in the group. "Minute twenty nine." I say when they all come back panting and sweaty. "This would be a good time to remind me to not underestimate you boys."

"Were not boys. Were men." A boy named James corrects me.

"And don't underestimate us, or I will wipe my sweat onto you." Mitch warns.

So far he's my favorite.

"In one week, we will be going against MTA South Blaze. Our rivalries. That's why I'm making you run." I continue to explain.

"Is this what hell is like?" James asks, "Cause this shit is exhausting."

"Your shit is annoying." I snap.

"Your bitchy face is annoying." He stomps his foot.

"If you start cursing at me, I will start cursing back at you. So let's not play the cursing game," I pause studying his every motion, "cause do you want to play that game?" He shrugs, "cause guess who's better at it."

He mumbles something, "what was that James?"

"I said your the best and we should go run another lap." He grumbles kicking the dirt ground with the bottom of his cleat.

"Let's run boys!" Mitch yells and rounds them up. And they were off like the team I suspected them to be.


This chapter is short I know. But it's a filling chapter. So, bear with me just like you do with all of the other authors who have no idea what to write so make it short.

So sorry. Wish I could think if something.

BUT. The teams first game is coming up. Then after that is the rivalry game.


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