29. Get off the fucking bed

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Sooo... Took long enough to see the Batman V Superman scene XD Now we've got what happens after.

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"Do you think he'll be alright?" I asked Alfred as I sat on Bruce's bed, right next to him.

"Mr. Wayne is strong. He's been in worse condition." Alfred calmly said.

"Worse than this? How come? I swear he is going mad." I said, shaking my head.

"The suit he was wearing, did its job in protecting him. He built it just to be able to fight Superman." Alfred told me and with quick hands, wrapped up a wound in Bruce's leg.

"And the blade?"

"One of his own. Superman must have gotten it and..." Alfred mumbled and showed me the bat-shaped throwing star.

"I thought it was a knife?" I gasped and looked back down at Bruce. It truly had been an unfair fight. Superman hadn't seemed to be phased at all. And to use Bruce's weapons against him when he was already disadvantaged. That made me sick.

"I believe it was a fair fight." Alfred actually said after a moment.

"What? How can you think that?" I asked with wide eyes.

"Superman clearly wasn't giving his all. Bruce wasn't hit with his laser vision and he didn't use his x-ray to detect faults in Bruce's suit, which had a lot of them. This was only a prototype, he didn't think he'd have to use it this fast, but then you came and..."

"What do you mean I came? Do you think this is my fault.?" I asked appalled by the idea.

"No, of course not Miss Queen. Superman seems truly protective and Bruce still holds a lot of affection towards you. From when you two were still..." He left it unsaid, but I knew what he referred to.

"No, c'mon that was ages ago. He has his models and superstars, why would he care about me?" I asked with an amused shake of my head. I don't fit into his world.

"Maybe so, but... He talks about you, quite often." Alfred admitted.

"Now that can't be true. I had completely forgotten about Bruce. We were so young." I mumbled.

"And you should have seen how much that hurt him." Alfred said silently before starting to walk to the door. "He's all patched up. I'll leave you two alone now. He'll wake up in a bit."

"Thank you, Alfred."

For some time I waited. Changing a bandage or two when he bled through even a little bit. Trying to avoid not pressing down on any bruises, which he had a lot.

When I finally gave up on struggling against sleep, I just allowed my head to fall onto the pillow and fell into deep sleep almost immediately.

I felt like I was floating on clouds. Until someone started calling my name and pulling me away from the peaceful quietness.
"Fay, time to wake up." The voice was low and calm.

Slowly blinking I opened my eyes and groaned at the pain I felt in my chest.

"How do you feel?" Bruce asked and I was able to let out a scoff.

"You are asking me that?" I stopped to cough: "You are a lot worse for wear than I am."

"Are you sure? I'm used to this, but you are not."

"Get off the fucking bed Bruce." I head my brother say.

"Hi, Oliver." I greeted as I turned my head to look at where his voice came.

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