Part 13

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Arnav and Khushi looked at each other recalling what had happened previous night.


Khushi was in the kitchen, boiling a glass of milk for her. She was already anxious about the fact that Arnav was going to get engaged to Lavanya. She switched off the gas sub consciously and poured the milk into her glass.

"Was there really nothing between us? Did he just marry me to save me? " Khushi thought, feeling extremely disappointed.

It was really difficult for her to let him go. She remembered every small gestures which he did for her, and which touched her heart. She loves him so deeply, yet he didn't belong to her. Her heart ached, thinking of tomorrow.

"Khushi don't fall weak. He is not yours. He didn't marry you willingly. And it's good that he is marrying the girl whom he loves." Khushi said to herself softly and wiped the corner of her eyes.

"Careful" Khushi jerked when she heard Arnav. But the damage was already done. Khushi had already picked up the hot glass, and unable to bear the heat she dropped it on the floor, breaking it into peices.

She hissed in pain. Arnav took her hand in his palm and washed her fingers with cold water. The pain was long forgotten. She kept admiring the man beside her who showed outmost care for her.

"Did the pain lessen? " he asked her.

"Hmm" she replied and took her palm from his hold.

"This pain will go soon, but what about the pain in my heart? " she whispered. Arnav heard it.

His heart pierced. He has hurt her a lot. He shouldn't have played with her feelings.

He bent down to help her in picking up the glass peices.

"Where were you lost? " Arnav asked.

"Why does it matter to you? " she asked.

"It matters" he said.

She glared at him.

"What? Now stop staring at me. It matters to me because I have to take care of the glasses and other crockeries in my house."

Khushi's has dropped hearing his reply. He was not bothered about her but the glass.

"You mean to say I break glasses when I am upset? "she asked angrily.

"So you agree that you were upset? " he asked her. How cleverly had he made her answer him.

"I am not upset...I was just.. " she stopped when she saw blood oozing out from his ring finger.

"Arnavji how did you get hurt? " she asked with concern. She brought his ring finger closer to her mouth and sucked the blood.

"Bas dhyan nahi tha" he replied looking at her. She still loves him so much. He was overwhelmed when he saw her concern for him. He had missed this from many days.

"Are you okay? " she asked cupping his face.

"Khushi it's a slight cut, don't be so tensed "

"Didn't you panic a few minutes ago when my finger burnt? " She chided him.

She brought the first aid kit and started bandaging his ring finger. He admired her. It was purely coincidence that his ring finger got wounded and she bandaged him.

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