28. Do not speak her name!

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Sooo... This chapter and the last one was supposed to be merged not two separate chapters but I came up with so much text it would have been way too long.


I could hear the fighting way before I reached the scene of the battle. I was running through the streets, most people quickly slipping into their houses and then peeking their heads out the windows hoping to catch some of the action. The streets were almost empty. Only crazy people would come out now and end up on the radar of either of the angry men.

And yet here I was, running straight ahead with no other thought than that they needed to stop or one of them would end up dead.

Metal was clanging and huge bangs rang along the streets. I knew I wasn't far away when I saw a car being thrown about ten meters away from me.

The scene that folded ahead of me was pure disaster. Broken windows on the houses and huge gents on the ground, cars upside down and in flames, no people near and two men, one clad in a red cape torn in half and on in a big, thick metal or armor. Looks like Batman has been upgraded a bit.

I saw them each throw punches in the other one's direction and Batman try to run Superman over with his car. Safe to say that didn't work since Superman just threw it off him.

"Stop!" I yelled, getting totally ignored.

Slowly I made my way forwards staying along the wall so I wouldn't be caught in the middle of it.

"Superman!" I yelled, but at the same time, Batman threw a punch in Superman's face that he couldn't dodge and it sounded like a mountain splitting open.

Letting out an angry yell Superman gripped Batman by the neck and started punching him in the face.

I rushed forward: "Stop! You'll kill him!" Climbing over a broken car and almost tripping over a pile of asphalt pieces that had been thrown around by the mere steps of the fighting men.

Just as I was grabbing onto Superman's upper arm, I could hear Batman gasp: "Fay..." Finally spotting me.

"Do. not. speak. her. name!" Superman yelled, each word earning Batman a new hit.

Screaming at Superman to stop, it came out of nowhere. Superman pulling his arm back to get more power to his punch. His elbow hitting me square in the chest.

It happened in a second. I felt a huge pain in my chest, blowing all the air out of my chest as I hit the ground. My head smacking into a piece of concrete sending quick piercing pains along my body.

Like slow motion, I saw Superman turn towards me with pain and anger on his face. Suddenly Superman's eyebrows pulled back from the crumpled angry position they had been in. Horror and regret taking over his face. It was like looking a strong man crumble into millions of pieces.

Drawing in a fast short breath while coughing, trying to steady myself I allowed myself to just lay on the ground for a moment. Breathing was difficult and painful for a moment. Superman leaned towards me, trying to help me up, but I just pulled back. "Don't... Just don't- don't touch me." I lifted my hand between us instinctively even though I knew I could do nothing to stop him if he really wanted something.

I was able to pull myself to sit on my knees on the ground, leaning heavily on my arm that was prodded against the ground firmly.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I could hear Superman begging for forgiveness but a piercing ring was slowly taking over my hearing until there was only silence.

That's when I realized Batman was eerily silent. Getting painfully slowly onto my feet, almost toppling over instantly, I started making my way to him almost falling twice, still refusing Superman's help.

Reaching Batman's side I collapsed onto my knees next to him. "Hey, are you okay?" I asked but got no real response. All I could hear was silent painfilled grunting. "I'm going to take off your mask." More like an ironclad helmet I grabbed the sides of the thick cover on his face and just as I was getting ready to pull it off I felt his hand grasp my wrist.

"Don't..." Was all he could let out, sounding wear and ready to give up.

Leaning close to his face I whispered: "I know it's you, Bruce... And you need to let me help you now. Just as before."

His hand dropped defeatedly off my wrist clanging against the ground as I pulled the mask off and saw that a little bit of blood trickled down his chin, coming from his mouth.

Looking down at him with sorrow I shed a tear: "I'm going to fix you up, okay? I won't let him ever hurt you again."

"If there's anything I can do-" Superman started.

"You! Get away from me! Get away from us! How could you do something like this? You promised..." My quick anger turning into despair as I allowed a sob to scape my bruising lip. Looks like the fighting had affected me too, having no idea when I hurt my lip.

"He is evil! I never promised to not hurt him."

"You promised you'd never hurt me!" I screamed, getting up with the last of my strength to shove him away. "Look at me! Look at what you did to me! You are the evil, twisted one here. Now go! I never want to see you again! Not ever!" My yelling turned into screaming that sounded almost possessed as I sobbed while I yelled. Each breath burning and affected by the smoke coming from the fiery cars around us.

"Fay I-"

Angry, desperate, distraught and weakened I crumpled to the ground yielding to the aching of my body.


Turning away from Superman I grabbed my phone and called the one person I knew would come instantly.

Making my way slowly back to Bruce I sat down next to him and started whipping the blood off his face with just my fingers. "I'm so sorry he did this to you." I whispered.

"Just make sure... You are safe." Bruce was able to mumble.

"Shh... Just heal." I could see a blade, sticking out his side and fearing that the blood would pour out faster, I just let it be.

When I heard the car speeding fast towards us I started trying to help Bruce stand up.

"Please. I need you to just push a little more. Just walk to the car. It's right there." The back doors opened on their own. Windows tinted black so the driver wouldn't show.

Grunting and letting out sounds of distress Bruce got up slowly and leaned heavily on me as he walked to the car. Finally away from Superman who kept yelling after me desperate pleas and apologizes...

No more.


I'm a little broken at the moment (I watched infinity war again with my mom (she hadn't seen it) and I cried like 12 times.) so I don't know which story I will update next. Maybe I will stay with this one, not sure.

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