27. My brother, Oliver

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Sooooo a new chapter once again.


I saw Clark leave the party with Ron to go home. He seemed to have calmed down. For some reason that made me relieved.

It had started pouring rain. It gave me an eerie feeling, sitting in a cab through Gotham streets. Everywhere I looked it was dark. The whole city felt... Contaminated.

Arriving at Oliver's hotel, I paid the cab and ran inside, giving a polite nod to the doorman. Even just running across the street after waiting for a car to pass I had gotten soaked. The dress felt like it was weighing a ton and I was dripping rain. I would probably make a puddle if I stood still for a while. Reminded me of the time we took a trip to the jungle in rain season.

"Hi, Oliver." I said once I walked into the room.

"Hi, sister." He said back calmly. He was standing by the window, looking at the city lights.

"So you were faking it?" I asked with a shake of my head.

"Have to keep up appearances." He nodded. "Oliver Queen, rescued after years goes back to his playboy ways."

"So you are ready to make a fool out of yourself?" I asked with a roll of my eyes.

With a sigh he turned to me: "Yes, I have to. Also, change out of those you're going to get sick."

Shaking my head I made my way to the walk-in closet. A few months back The Queen Industries had gotten this hotel room for all business trips to Gotham since the company had started getting contacts in Gotham as well.

Changing into pajamas fast. A basic grey shirt and shorts and a silk robe with pillow-talk slippers.

I jumped onto the bed and dreaded what I was about to ask: "So you're still doing it?"

Oliver stayed silent grabbing a drink from the table a glass of bourbon with rocks and actually drinking it this time. "I'm cleaning up the city."

"What does that even mean?" I asked desperately: "You run around the city, dressed in green and you shoot arrows!"

"At people who hurt thousands." He calmly said.

"Do you even hear yourself?!" I asked. "Have you..." I asked and then allowed myself to have a deep breath before having enough courage to ask: "Have you killed anyone?"

Oliver turned to look at me with a sad face: "Yes. I have."

"I can't believe you! I knew the island took a toll on you, but you are a completely different person. I don't know who you are anymore. You certainly aren't the brother I used to know." I said feeling a clenching in my heart at what my own brother had done.

With people like Batman... Bruce this didn't bother me. He always went after criminals but with Oliver. Sometimes there wasn't even enough evidence to judge the people he went after. People we had known since childhood work associates of dad.

"Fay, I don't expect you to understand and you're not even supposed to. You are too good to be in the middle of this." Oliver said.

"Too good? Fucking hell!..." After a moment of contemplation, I crossed my legs on the bed and straightened my back: "Show me."


"Show me the scars. Thea told me there's a lot of them." I said.

Oliver stared at me for a moment and after seeing that I wouldn't back down he sighed and laid the bourbon glass on the table, starting to unbutton the white shirt he had on.

At first, when he pulled the shirt off I just saw my brother just like before with just more built up muscle. Then I noticed the fainting white scars around his body. Some big and some small all looking like the cuts that had created them had been deep.

"Not nice to look at huh?" Oliver said when he saw my pained expression.

"I... I didn't think it would be this bad." I whispered, getting off the bed to take a closer look. "How did you get this one?" I asked, touching a long scar on his arm.

"I got grazed with a knife."

"This doesn't look like a graze. This looks like someone dove a five-centimeter blade into your arm and started carving." I said. "Don't lie to me Oliver, you won't fool me. We were always close and you can tell me anything."

"Yet, you left." Oliver said.

"And I came back for you."

"But you left when I needed you the most."

"I had a life! I was happy and no one knew who I was. Out of the spotlight for the first time in my life. You think the media frenzy was bad when we were kids? It got worse when you disappeared. You were always the favorite of the paparazzi for your playboy ways and the rest of us were thankful for that!" I yelled. "After you went missing I became the fucking Queen family princess and they wouldn't leave me alone for a moment. I needed you too. I needed my brother back and when I finally gave up on finding you, I moved away and got away from it all. Three months later you came back and I was so happy I thought I would die from excitement. But you went back to your old ways by choice even though I begged you to just let the past go. To be yourself for the first time until I found out about this green arrow thing. And this vigilante thing of yours put a stop to the life we could have had. Knowing that you are a changed man, but choose to act like this: hurt our family and all around us. It makes my heart ache more than anything you did before." I said, tears falling down my cheeks. "You have the right to do whatever you want after all you went through... But please not this. Anything else as long as you stop being the green arrow and start a new life."

"You looked for me?" Oliver suddenly asked.

"Longer than anyone." I admitted. A secret I had carefully hidden so he wouldn't know how much his disappearance had hurt me. How many nights I had cried for my brother who promised he'd come back but didn't. He already felt guilty enough as it was.

"Fay... I love you. I'm not doing this because of what I went through, or to hurt our family. This playboy party animal thing is my coverup so I don't go to jail. And the green arrow is the thing keeping me sain right now. When we are alone I will be the man I have become. Just with you if you want me to. In public, I will still be an asshole, but if you want me to I will be the brother you deserve everytime we see each other. I am so proud of you for starting over and now moving to Metropolis. The paparazzi will always be there but you will learn to cope with it I promise. Maybe I can even get them to focus back on me to get them off you, okay?" Oliver promised, hugging me tightly.

"That's a little too late. I can cope with the paparazzi now just the questions they would ask when you were gone, telling me gory ways you might have died and asking me what I thought about those. How likely they were. It was sick." I mumbled.

"They are ruthless, but I'm going to be here for you from now on okay?" Oliver mumbled.

"I would like that." I said and smiled. "Maybe you can teach me to shoot arrows. I always wanted to try. This doesn't mean I accept what you are doing. Just that I can deal with it going forward."

"Sounds good." Oliver nodded with a smile.

"Are you going to tell Thea?" I asked with a head tilt.

"No. I didn't even want you to know. Not knowing keeps people safe." Oliver said strongly.


"Also your ex-husband is on TV." Oliver pointed out.

"What?" I turned around to look and my eyes widened when I locked my gaze on the big screen Tv mounted onto the wall. A news report was blazing on it. Showing a live video on the streets of Gotham. Batman and Superman, fighting and looking like they were trying to kill each other.


Here you go a new chapter. This wasn't planned at all. The convo between Oliver and Fay was supposed to be short and sweet and take about 100-200 words. Damn I went too far and it took 1459 words. :(

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