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I just want you to know guys the final chapters will be posted as soon as I finished editing them and thank you for those who voted my story 

So get ready because it is going to be intense, the finale as it is already is the longest chapter I have written and there is still editing and adding to be done so it will be even bigger but only the best for you guys. To answer the question, will there be a sequel? YES, i am working on it. there are 29 pre-written chapters and so much more to come yet but it will be awhile before i will post it but not too long, just enough for me to finish it so maybe a month or so but i promise it will be worth the wait. SO without further do...

I just want to remind that I dont own the 100 or the parts and dialogues who are identical to the show, that belongs strictly to the CW and Jason Rothenberg. I am just borrowing for fun.

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