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"I'm sorry, Mr. Jackson - (Y/N) didn't make it,"



I woke up with a start, looking around the empty bedroom. Beads of sweat dripped down my forehead as I realized that I was dreaming again. I gulped and tried to catch my breath as I looked at (Y/N)'s framed photograph, sitting on the bedside table.

Another evening of agony. (Y/N) had been deceased for three months - and things had been diffcult for me. My beautiful wife had meant the world to me. She was smart, and witty - not to mention, she had been extremely beautiful.

She always helped people.

But three months ago, she had committed suicide. The image was still fresh in my mine.

I remember coming home to find (Y/N)'s pale body on the floor. She had taken an overdose of sleeping pills - and there was nothing that I could have done to help her.

I blamed myself for her death. She was extremely depressed, and I hardly ever had time for her because my job was very demanding. People all over the world knew who I was, and who (Y/N) was.

We had three beautiful children.

Joshua, 12; Violet, 10, and Jasmine - seven.

Joshua had found it hardest to cope - he was very close to his mother, in fact, all the children were.

I missed (Y/N) - and now matter how I tried to distract myself, her memory continued to haunt me. Sometimes, I could still smell her perfume - it hurt so much.

Suddenly, I heard a knock at the bedroom door - making me snap out of my thoughts.

Turning my head, I saw Janet walking in.

"Mike," she raised an eyebrow. "You were supposed to drop the kids with me half an hour ago," she sighed, reminding me of the fact that I had asked her to look after the children whilst I went to visit (Y/N)'s grave. It was her death anniversary.

"Shit," I shook my head. "Sorry, Jan," I sighed.

"It's alright," she laughed a little. "I'll just spend the day with them here,"

I swallowed and nodded. "That'd be wonderful,"

Janet nodded before turning to walk away, however - I stopped her, getting up from the bed.

"Hey," I sighed, making her turn back to face me. "Thank you, for everything,"

She studied me before nodding.

"No problem, you can always count on me,"


Once I had left Neverland, Bill was kind enough to drive me to the graveyard. My heart was heavy as the car moved along.

It was a Sunday, so there weren't many people around.

Eventually, the car came to a stop. I got out of the car and asked Bill to wait. He agreed happily, making me smile a little before walking up to (Y/N)'s grave stone.

I held a single red rose in my hand, and I laid it down before the stone. Tears began to stream down my face as I sat down and shook my head.

I still couldn't believe that she was gone.

Slowly, I closed my eyes and recalled my first memory of her.


I walked along the busy street, trying to keep my head down. The risk of someone finding out who I was, was relatively high.

As I shoved my hands into the pockets of my coat, I suddenly bumped into a small figure. My eyes widened when I saw that it was a lady. The force of our collision had sent her to the ground.

I quickly held out my hand to her and helped her up. Her eyes met mine as she dusted off her dress.

"Well," she laughed a little. "Michael Jackson," she raised an eyebrow slightly. "What were the chances?"

"Hi," I studied her. She was beautiful.

"Hi," she frowned a little, she looked quite amused.

"I'm so sorry for bumping into you," I grimaced. "Perhaps...I could take you out to apologize," I smiled a little. She was so beautiful - I couldn't let her get away.

"Are you flirting with me?" she folded her arms.

"What? No, I-"

'I was kidding," she giggled before grabbing a pen and paper from her handbag. She scribbled something before handing it to me.

"I'm (Y/N)," she took one last glance at me before walking away. With a frown, I looked at the piece of paper - only to find out that she had given me her number.


As I came back to my senses, I looked up at the sky. Afternoon wss approaching, and Bill was waiting. I wiped the tears away from my face before standing up.

"I love you, (Y/N)," I whispered. "I always have, and I always will,"

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