Problem solved

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Lexa was finishing greeting the delegation from the Lake People when she saw Kane and Murphy coming into the village and she knew it was time to put her plan in motion so she waited for them to get down from their horse and walk up to her and she greeted them. "I'm glad you are here, Marcus Kane and John Murphy of the Sky people. Where is Clarke?" She asked Kane and he nodded at her. "Clarke stayed in Arkadia a bit longer. Bellamy made contact and they are making sure everything is okay. Could we speak in private, Commander?" Kane asked and she nodded before motioning for them to follow her.

She knew that whatever they wanted to talk to her about could not be heard by anyone else as it would be part of the plan that Clarke and she came up with it to take care of the missile and the man responsible for it. So they walked for a few paces as Marcus and Murphy looked around the village, the former thinking about the destruction the missile caused it, the many loves that were lost thanks to the Mountain and the latter thinking about how different these people seemed from the ones Finn had massacred when they had been here looking for Clarke, they seemed happier, freer. They were both really glad that those things didn't happen.

They went inside the place where Clarke told her about the missile, the meeting place. "So what has Clarke told you?" she asked directly once they were safe from prying ears. "She explained the plan. She also warned us that the spotter, Whitman, should be close to the village so he can see what is happening. She told us to get you and go kill him and take his radio so we can control the missile." Murphy said to her and she nodded. "I thought it would be like that so I have been discreetly looking at the woods and I am almost sure I know where he is." Lexa said to them and the men looked at each other before looking back at her.

"How do you know that?" Murphy asked her and she looked at him and explained. "Any Trikru knows these woods like the back of their hand and when you know what to look for, there is little that can be hidden from us. Besides, Becca may have given me a few directions on where to look and she appears to be satisfied with the changes we have done so far." She said to them and they nodded accepting her answer. "That's good to know." Kane said to her and she nodded. "So what do we do now?" Murphy asked both of them and she sighed before turning to the two men in front of her.

"Murphy, you come with me as backup. Kane, you stay here. The less of us that go out, the more the chances we will have to surprise him." She said to them as she removed her shoulder pad and sword and put on top of the table and they nodded. "Come on." She said to the younger guy and Murphy nodded as he followed her through the secret passage she used with Clarke the last time. Just before they got to the woods, she turned to him. "Stay close and make no sound. Clear?" she said to him and he nodded. "Crystal." He said and she nodded.

The woods were her home, as any Trikru, she knew how to walk swiftly through them even if it had been dark and luckily for all of them, Murphy actually wasn't making much noise, at least not enough to trigger the attention of Mountain Men, however if it was Trikru they needed to catch, that would be a different story completely. Like she instructed, he was quite close to her and Lexa quietly and quickly moved towards where she believed the spotter was, following the soft guidance of the Flame and of Becca and luckily for her, there he was.

So she hid behind a tree motioning for Murphy to position himself in the tree next to hers which he did, and waited for the man which she knew to be named Whitman to finish radioing his people since they needed to hear his voice so they wouldn't think there was a problem. Then, as she looked at him again, Lexa saw him raising a device to his face, it seemed like something to see better and that was the cue she needed to make her move so she quickly, in a matter of seconds, moved to stand behind him, grabbed his mouth and with her dagger, slit his throat and stopped him from moving.

He tried to escape and tried to attack her but she had him in a tight grip, there was no way he was getting out, all she had to do was wait and within a few moments, he died. She knew she needed to be sure that he died so she broke his neck, just for precaution. She called for Murphy who quickly came to her side. "That was badass." He said to her and she gave him everything she could find with the man. "We need to take all of it. It could be important." She said to him and he nodded grabbing everything, every little device the guy had with him and putting it on his back pack where he found a sniper rifle. "This could come in handy." He said.

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