23. Fighting Fire

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The eerie silence shattered when Sage's mother dropped the wine glass in her hand. Her eyes were red and puffy from all the tears she might have shed for her son.

"Hi Mom," He said in a careful tone.

"Sage." She said as if she was going through another dream and the boy in front of her was not real.

He just stepped ahead and pulled her in a hug. His mom starting crying harder mumbling some incoherent words.

"It's really me." He said consoling his mother.

"Why did you leave?" She said through the sobbing,

"I had to mother. I had to right the wrong like you always  taught me to." Sage said trying his best to convince his mother.

He wanted his parents' support because he was not fearless when it came to Trisha. For the first time in his life, he wanted to protect someone.

"Where is dad?" He asked.

"Out for work." His mother answered.

"I have to talk to him urgently." 

"Are you in some kind of trouble dear." His mother looked concerned all over again.

He hesitated for a moment but then told her about the whole thing, the coming plague, the dormant and about the whole ordeal he was going through. He left out Trisha and her involvement since he was not sure what gossip his mother was surrounded by.

The whole time she heard it with a horrid look on her face. She wanted to believe her son but a lot of his words didn't make a sense to her.

"If you let me tell Dad, I can prove it all." He said desperately hoping that this will help.

But by the unconvinced look on her face, he knew she was coming to a conclusion of her own.

"Sage, dear. What horrible experience have you gone through?" 

She thought her son was going through some traumatic experience.

"Mom, I need to talk to Dad. I swear I am fine." Sage started getting agitated and he realized coming here was probably not the best idea.

"Sage." His father's voice was intimidating enough but at that moment he felt the fear creep in his bones.

"Father." He answered not looking into his eyes.

He broke too many rules in a household that was an epitome of rules. People looked up to his household as the perfect rule followers but here he was as almost a criminal.

"Before you convince me of anything you are doing, let me make this clear. I need facts and evidence." 

"Dad if you could just me take you to the base camp of people planning to spread the virus you can see it." He pleaded.

"And I am supposed to believe anything you say after I know you are working with her." And suddenly his mistake hit him as he saw guards dragging Trisha and Killian in.

While Trisha looked like she could snap a neck or two. Killian had a bored expression on his face.

Sage sighed, he should have expected. His family was not the best of options.

He pulled out the gun he was hiding and pointed at his father.

"Let's just say I don't have time make you believe." He heard his mother gasp.

He felt sorry for doing this in front of her but seeing the gun pointed at the mayor, the guards became wary.

"He will not shot me. Take his friends away for interrogation."

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