♡Fearful Acceptance|Part Four♡

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After Yanae had left the hotel, she made her way to a nearby clearing - a place where she reckoned she could clear her mind. She had come across the clearing by chance, and it was the perfect excuse for her to have some alone time with herself.

She sat down on the soft grass, folding her legs and sighing. She took a look around her, and appreciated the beauty of nature. Tears began to well up in her eyes as she looked up at the blue sky. She spent several moments like that, just frozen.

Bringing her hand to rest on her small stomach, she looked down at her feet. Why was this happening? Why her?

One minute, she was a happy - bright young girl, and the next - she was married to a man she barely knew. If anyone were to tell her that her situation was impossible - she'd have punched them in their face.

Suddenly, as Yanae drifted off into deep thought, she heard a pair of footsteps approaching from behind her. When she turned, her eyes widened slightly when she saw Michael.

"Hey," he said awkwardly, sitting down next to her. Yanae studied Michael before looking away. Her heart began to race when she caught a whiff of his intoxicating cologne.

"Hi," she mumbled.

Silence presented itself between the two of them before Michael cleared his throat.

"You're pregnant..." he trailed off.

"No shit," she spat back, turning to face him. Michael's eyes widened, and he opened his mouth to respond, but Yanae cut him off. "Why?!" she spat, tears streaming down her face as she stood up.

Michael stood up as well.

"Why me?!" she pushed him away, but he grabbed her hands and pulled her closer to him.

"Because I love you," he looked into her eyes intently. "Because I've only ever loved you, and I know that what I've done warrants hate on your part," he closed his eyes before opening them again. "But I'm a complicated person. My ways of expression are...different,"

Yanae looked at Michael, a look of concentration. Despite the fact that she had hated Michael's actions initially, she had to admit that she was  falling for him.

She truly was.

As she studied him, she began to see just how vulnerable Michael was. All that he had done certainly was crazy, but sometimes - fate makes you do crazy things.

So without a second thought, Yanae threw her arms around Michael and kissed him - shoving all her troubles out of her mind.

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