Worth the Risk (Haechan)

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"You're a good kid.  We trust you," your mom said, giving you a huge hug.  It was your parents' anniversary, and they were going on a vacation as a gift.  You had an older sister, so your parents weren't too worried.  Typically, both of you were pretty responsible.

"Bye, girls!" your father kissed you both on the forehead.  "We'll be back in a week.  Call us if you need anything."

You waved and as soon as you closed the front door, your older sister squealed in excitement.  "We should throw a party!" she exclaimed.

You raised an eyebrow.  Your parents hadn't even pulled the car out of the driveway and here your sister was breaking the first rule your parents had set.  Naturally, you wanted to disagree.  You knew that if something did go wrong, your sister would drag you down with her, and you'd be taking responsibility for something you didn't even do.

"It's not going to be that kind of party," your sister added.  "It'll be more chill, and we'll play it safe and not have drinks."

"Sounds like a great party," you mused.

"You can invite some of your friends if you want."

Her last statement caught your attention.  "Really?  I can invite some friends?"  You sat down that night in your room, planning out a list.  You realized everyone on your list was girls except for Renjun.  You knew it would be slightly awkward for him, so when you texted him the invitation, you told him he could bring another guy friend.

You usually didn't wear too much makeup- just some tinted lip balm and mascara.  But your sister insisted on dressing you up for the party tonight.  She found you one of her old off-the-shoulder dresses.  It was maroon and fitted like a hand in a glove, flaring out slightly at the waist.  Your figure looked absolutely flattering in it.  You didn't even know you had a figure like that until you had slipped into the dress.  You were all about those shorts and oversized t-shirts.  

Your sister sat you down in a chair and spent at least an hour doing your makeup.  She used things on your face that you didn't even know existed.  But when you opened your eyes and faced yourself in the mirror, you were stunned by the girl staring back at you.

"I hope you invited some boys," your sister winked.  "Anyways, just remember to have fun."

You grinned, nodding, and you opened the door for the guests.  Finally your friends showed up.  Renjun arrived with another guy.  He was taller than you with tan skin and tousled brown locks.  He smiled, and you immediately felt warm inside.

"Hi," you greeted Renjun and his friend.  

Renjun let his eyes drop, scanning your outfit.  "Wow, what a transformation!"

You rolled your eyes but laughed.  "This will be my first and last time in a dress like this."

Renjun laughed before you found yourself swept into the heart of the party, surrounded by people- some you knew and some you didn't.  You had never been to a party let alone thrown one.  But part of you liked the chaos.

You looked around the large living room, searching for someone to talk to, and your eyes landed on him- Renjun's friend.

He was leaning against the wall, staring at the ground.  He had his hands shoved in his front pockets, and he looked around before his eyes found you.  By this point, you were standing directly in front of him.

"Hi, I'm Y/N.  I didn't get to properly introduce myself."

The guy smiled cutely, and you felt that warm, fuzzy feeling again.

"I'm Haechan," he said, and then he stared at the ground again, furrowing his brows.

"Is everything okay?" you asked.

Haechan nodded.  "I have a really bad headache."

Suddenly, you felt like taking a risk.  You slowly placed your fingers on his temples, massaging slowly.  "Does that feel better?"

He looked straight into your eyes, unable to respond, and you smiled innocently.  "Maybe we could go somewhere more quiet?" you suggested.

You gently held his hand and led him upstairs where it was quieter.  He sat down on the edge of your bed, looking around your room. 

"You like the mountains?" he asked.

Your room had posters on every wall of different mountains you and your family had hiked.  "Yep!  I love trekking through nature.  It's so peaceful and exciting at the same time."

"Kind of like you," Haechan smirked, and this time, you were at a loss for words.

"Wha-what?" you stammered.

"You look like a calm person, but I've heard stories about you from Renjun.  I've been waiting to meet you."

You sat next to him on the edge of your bed, "You h-have?"

Haechan laughed at how cute you were.  He slipped his hand in yours once again.  "You know, I'm not much of a party person at all, but you were totally worth the risk."


A/N: Thank you @yumedegirls for requesting this!!  I've actually never been to an actual party or thrown one, but I feel like I have way too much fun even though I don't go to parties.

Question of the imagine: Have you ever tried something new and realized you liked it so much that you keep doing it?  For me, I started waking up at 5 AM and swimming laps at 6 AM before my classes.  It sounds awful, but it actually helps wake me up!!  

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