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Bakugou's PoV :

I wake up to Todoroki spooning me and Momo's foot lodged into my face. Kiri is probably outside but I could care less my head hurt and I was sure that mr aizawa would of woken up.

" alright where is raccoon eyes and Dunce " I say to myself as I go out the door. Unsurprisingly I stepped on kirishima. " arg fuck, my poor back " he says before sitting up.
" Alright shitty hair, help me find them " I say before walking around him. " I'll look for raccoon and you look for dunce " I walk towards the area we had the "party".

He follows me into the forest, the sound of random ass bugs fly around us.
" ewwwwww , Bakugou there's like flying bugs everywhere "
" well no SHIT SHERL- " I get interrupted as a fucking fly flys into my eyes. " WHAT THE FUCK, YOU DISGUSTING BASTARD FLY. DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE " I start yelling, completely forgetting that aizawa could be awake.
" bro calm down, shush. Please. Shushhhhh "
I click my tongue and stomp my way to the area where the party was help.

Thankfully raccoon eyes and dunce were there. However, unthankfully she was naked and dunce was hugging a tree. I sigh and turn around to shitty hair. " take them back to the cabin my head hurts and Im probably going blind. He nods and walks over to the drunks.

I stomp my way back to the cabin to find that Melon tits and icyhot are making food.

Todoroki's PoV:

Me and Momo are cooking food. Well trying to.
( let's just say that they both can't cook ) I personally never had to cook since we had a chef at my house to cook or my sister would cook. Tears start to flood my eyes but I wipe them as quickly as they came.
Momo starts mushing the berries and I mix whatever she put in this pan.

Bakugou stomps over and peers into the pan, then he steps back in disgust. " what the actual fuck is that. Why is there sand and tree branches in there ". I look at the pit then at him. A small blush creeps up his face but then he turns to where we keep the cooking stuff and grabs it. " if you can't cook don't cook, let me cook so you bastards don't poison yourself and everyone else ".

" ok whatever you say " momo says before putting down the berries.  I put the spoon in the pot and back away a bit. Bakugou picks up the pot and throws it across the beach and starts cooking some berry jam with the berries and some sugar cane.

" I'm going to go to the cabin, tell me when breakfast is done " momo says before walking to the cabin.


Sorry I haven't published anything for a week. ( or 2 ) truthfully I've been sleeping and doing homework because I only have like 4 days left of the summer holidays and I have 4 weeks worth of homework. Also I'm just lazy and unmotivated.

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