Wild Horses Part 1

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"Shite!" He jumped when two large black dogs greeted them at the door. Chibs couldn't tell what they were, just that they had pointed ears and two very big sets of teeth. They were happy to see her but when they noticed Chibs they bared their teeth and barked.

"Hey, come on girls." She whistled and they followed her into the kitchen. He assumed she stuck them outside when she came back without them. She stood in the doorway all coy and glancing at him through her lashes. When Chibs came at her she jumped up and wrapped her legs around him. Chibs didn't even try to suppress the squeal he let out. He saw a bed down the hall and went for it.

Chibs tossed her down and searched his pockets for a condom. "God damn it." He said - the one he found expired two years ago. There was usually a fish bowl of rubbers at the club house that Gemma kept stocked. He felt something hit him in the forehead and caught the condom she threw at him.

"Think that'll fit you?" She asked as she finished unzipping her dress. Chibs smirked at the gold and black wrapper before he tore it open with his teeth. When he looked up from unzipping his pants it was like her dress had vanished into thin air. It was almost jarring to see she had no tattoos. No scars either just a few beauty marks. He wrapped himself quickly and pushed her over on to her hands and knees. The feel of slipping inside her and how she moaned was amazing. He was in heaven. She was so nice and tight and she giggled every time he leaned down to kiss her shoulders – presumably because his whiskers were tickling her. He tangled his fingers in her short hair and pulled her up against him so he could get his hands on her tits. When he did he wished he could get his mouth on them – shit they were so big they didn't fit in his hands. They were soft, heavy – real. So luscious, just like her ass.

"God damn..." He sighed. She arched and squirmed – trying to get him to hit a specific spot as he thrust in. She got tighter around him and he dug his fingers into her hips to keep her still.

"Fuck, don't stop..." She hissed and reached back to run her hand through his hair. "I... I freed up my schedule... so you could make me cum. Now make me cum." Chibs chuckled before he pushed her forward and put his hand on the back of her neck to keep her down. She screamed when he drove in harder. She was so hot he was sweating in seconds. So wet that he could see it running down her thighs and slicking the latex. "Yes! Yes! Oh... OH! Fuck!" She came and he pulled out. He slid between her cheeks as he filled up the condom. Chibs tipped his head back and roared so loud he heard the dogs outside bark in alarm.

"Shite..." He sighed as he flopped over on to the bed.


Chibs woke with a slight start and held his breath for a second. He knew as soon as he let it go he'd start feeling all the bad decisions he made the night before. He sat up and sighed. His headache wasn't that bad, his back and thighs hurt more. He reached over for his cigarettes and knocked over a lamp. It shattered into a million pieces. As he tried to avoid the shards he realized the lamp wasn't his. As more of the room came into focus he saw the walls weren't the right color. He wasn't at home or in the clubhouse.

'Damn it.' It was never a good thing to not remember going home with a sweet butt. He usually didn't and he didn't remember being that drunk last night. He looked towards the foot of the bed when he noticed someone standing there. He gazed at the woman – he couldn't place her face. She was juvenescent but not so much so that he felt like he had robbed the cradle. She just stared right back at him as she chewed something. She swallowed and gestured with her fork.

"You're gonna pay for that."

"Yeah maybe." He growled.

"That wasn't a question." She stated point blank before she ate something else off the plate in her hand. "I bought it on a site called Windermere. It cost fifty bucks."

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