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"Alright welcome back to my show! Today we are going to introduce you to our guest. Their first time being on the show Jasmine Rivera and YBN Nahmir!"

* audience claps and cheers*

JR: "Hi how are you?"

"I'm great! Anyways welcome to the show. I hope you have a great time here today. So first I'm going to ask you guys a few questions. Is that cool?"

YBN: "Yeah that's cool."

"Alright so first question is, what is the exact story of how yall met?"

JR: "Do you want to tell them, or do you want me to?"

YBN: " I'll tell it. So one day i decided to go to Wendys. So i get there and when im bout to go order, i see this fine ass girl. So im thinkin im bout to go holla at her ya know so she can be my lul baby but she bumped into me. Then she gave me a face so i gave her one back. Then we flamed each other, switched contact info, and from there we bestfriends."

Jr: Hold up can i just point out the fact that he just straight up lied. First of all he gave me the face first. And second of all he bumped into me so i snapped. The only reason i snapped was because back then i only had two friends and everybody else didnt like me because i was socially awkward."

"What do you mean by you WERE socially awkward if you dont mind me asking?"

JR: No i dont mind at all. So by that i mean i didnt know how to talk to people i didnt know or talk to people i wasnt really comfortable with. When i got to the 5th grade it became a disorder. It's called Social Anxiety Disorder. I still have it. I gotta go to training at least twice a week and Nick goes with me.-"

YBN: Aye dont be sayin my goverment on TV!

*audience laughs*

JR: Boy! Anyways he comes with me to help me out. Since this is my first interview, backstage i had an anxiety attack just a few minutes ago. Nick helped me out. Thats why its important for him to come to basically therapy so he would know how to calm me down in certain situations. But people bullied me for being so "different" i guess but now ive learned how to love my disorder so im good."

*audience claps*

"Thats amazing, really! So lets get to the fun questions shall we! Alright are you guys single?"

JR: "No actually! Im actually in a relationship believe it or not. If you follow me on instagram youd see that i have had a boyfriend for almost 3 months now so yea."

YBN: "I aint go no bit- i mean girl. *audience laughs* I just got out of a horrible relationship so im good on that. But its probably one person i would date."

"Oooh and whos that?!?"

YBN: "Id prefer not to say that because that would get me in some shit."

"Ok ok, but that gets me on this question- who is your celebrity crushes?"

YBN: Oh this easy, Jas!

JR: Nick of course!

*audience aww's*

"Awwww i ship! I mean how do you guys feel about the shipping?"

YBN: Shippin!? Whats that?

*audience laughs*

JR: When they think we'd make a nice couple dumbass! Lol!

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