Title Chapter 3

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"I got you something." Zuko said. Indyira set the plate of food down in front of him before accepting the gift. He took a seat next to Zuko and opened the box. His eyes went wide when he saw the bracelets inside.

"Oh..." He awed at them until Zuko took them out and put them on his wrist. "You shouldn't have—"

"Do you like them?"

"I love them."

"Then say thank you." Zuko instructed.

"Thank you." He leaned over and kissed Zuko on the cheek. Zuko smirked – he could get used to so much gratitude. He initiated a kiss on the lips and slid his tongue into Indyira's mouth like he had done in the boiler room. When Indyira moaned it sent a tremor through him. Or maybe it was the way Indyira put his hand on his thigh. Zuko gripped the front of his banbi and Indyira suddenly pulled away. "You should eat—"

"Kiss me." Zuko demanded. Indyira kissed him back so hard they ended up laid out on the floor. Zuko put his arms around him – he liked the feel of Indyira's new clothes. They were soft and he could feel the muscles in his back. Zuko never thought such a thing would excite him – he had never looked at another man that way. His whole life he had been taught to find females attractive. Their hips, their breasts, their soft features – Indyira had none of that but despite that Zuko felt a thrill run through him as Indyira slid his large hands into his robe. He unsnapped the buttons on Zuko's high collar shirt and moved the fabric aside so he could nuzzle his neck. Zuko gasped and fisted his hands in Indyira's clothes. His heart raced – he felt like he couldn't think of anything other than how good it felt to have Indyira's lips on his collarbone. He rubbed Zuko's nipples through his shirt and his whole body throbbed. "Too much..." He croaked out and arched off the floor. "Stop... Indyira." He pulled away and suddenly Zuko could breath again. The heat that collected in his core ebbed out and extinguished.

"You didn't like it?" He asked.

"I did it's just that I've never..." He huffed and avoided Indyira's gaze. Indyira wiped the sweat from Zuko's brow – careful not to touch his scar. He then threaded his fingers in his ponytail, smiling at how silky Zuko's hair was.

"It's alright. We don't have to do anything tonight." Indyira assured him. Zuko felt a little foolish. Truth be told he was intimidated – Indyira grew up in the red light district he probably knew every trick there was to sex. Zuko was taught 'where babies came from' and nothing else. His father told him when he was old enough he'd get married, make an heir and that was it. His urge to touch himself was often chased away by shame and self-loathing over his current status. But there was an unmistakable tightness to his pants that he was grateful Indyira didn't notice. He sat up and pulled Zuko with him. "Don't worry about it right now. Let's eat." He picked up his chopsticks and ate a piece of chicken. Zuko noticed the face he made. "It's cold." Zuko inhaled and blew his dragon's breath on their plates. Indyira smiled at his now sizzling food.


Zuko felt odd about his blossoming relationship with Indyira. He didn't like that they had to hide it especially from Iroh. He usually told him everything but something in him said to keep what he and Indyira were doing to himself. Everyday he noticed something new about the other man that he found interesting. For instance Indyira's freckles weren't actually freckles – when he went through puberty he got bad acne on his cheeks and the bridge of his nose and his 'freckles' were nothing more than long healed pockmarks. His hair had grown back quite a bit and to Zuko's surprise it was coming in curly. He had never seen that before – the man was fascinating.

On the other hand he barely had time to think about Indyira. Zhao had been promoted and he was currently abusing his newfound power. He took it upon himself to catch the avatar and he had every fire navy ship on the look out. Zuko knew there'd be no going home if he didn't find the Avatar first. He knew they were headed North – there were no more water bending masters in the South pole. There were barely any people left down there. He knew that bison they flew around on had to rest while the ship could keep going. But they still needed supplies. Zuko obliged to stopping but never for more than a day.

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