〄 Ꭺ mᎬᎬᏆᎥᏁᎶ Ꮎf ᏆhᎬ mᎥᏁᎠs 〄

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     Cafe des Dieux was a small, out of the way tea house that was situated along a sparkling river. There were small round tables with striped umbrellas covering the smattering of patrons that sat outside in the warm spring air.

     An older, wise-looking man with blinding white hair and a suit to match, sat at one of the shaded tables. He was blowing across the top of the steamy, creamy-brown liquid to cool it off while reading a newspaper that seemed to have moving pictures on it.

     The air surrounding the older man and others nearby had started to make him feel as though his ears needed to pop; the wind swirling around them as if they were inside a vacuum cleaner.

     Just as his ears were about to burst, a pale white man with evil, red, glowing eyes dressed in black, flowing robes appeared out of thin air with a slight popping sound.

     Not a single person nearby who had seen this scary man pop into existence said a word or batted an eyelash at his sudden appearance.

     The white-haired man continued as if sudden appearances of humans were commonplace. "Hello, Tom."

     The dark clad figure moved to the seat across from him. "Cornelius," he sat gracefully and poured a cup of tea while looking the other man over, "You're looking a little tired. Ruling Panem getting to hard for you in your frail years?"

     President Snow's sharp, eagle eyes snapped to the imposing Dark Wizard while he pasted a small smile on his lips. "I'm well, thank you for the concern. I see you still haven't located your nose, would you like some help with that or are you going to turn me down again?" President Snow slowly folded the lively paper, placing it carefully on the table.

     The Dark Lord scowled slightly before huffing out a chuckle and pulling out a small package. "I know how much you like these and Bella insisted I bring you a gift since we missed your last gala at the Capitol."

     "Oh," Snow pulled the box to himself and opened the lid with a delighted smile running across his face, "Let Bellatrix know how much I appreciate the gift." He pulled out a white Bertie Botts Every-Flavor-Bean and popped it into his mouth. "Your lack of presence was noted by many. You never told me where you ended up going?"

     "We vacationed in the Bahamas. I felt like I was surrounded by morons. Bella realized how upset I was and insisted we get away for a little rest and alone time."

     "How did the tropics treat you? Personally, I can't stand the sticky heat."

     "It was lovely, and I did get a little color," he held up his blindingly white hand with a scary smile on his thin lips, "I'm a little less white than your hair now." They both chuckled lightly.

     Over the period of time that the two powerful men had known one another they had a way of always talking of Voldemort's skin color as being less than desirable and how it rivaled Snows blinding, although perfectly manicured, white hair.

     "These are for the dining table and you," he handed over a huge bundle of white roses, "Match them perfectly."

     Voldemort chuckled in delight. Even though it was a bone-chilling sound, Snow was used to the oddities of the wizard and chuckled companionably with his, closest thing to a friend as he would ever have.

     "How are the rose gardens doing this time of year?" Voldemort took a bite of one of the cucumber sandwiches from the rose patterned platter on the table.

    "I believe they are better than last season. I tried out that potion you gave me and the white beauties bloomed to almost twice the size. I may need to get a hold of that recipe."

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