♡Fearful Acceptance|Part Three♡

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Back at Yanae's house, her parents - Calvin and Aurora, were deeply worried about their daughter. They had realized that she hadn't been home after school on that fateful day - and now, it had been almost a month since they had begun looking for her.

Radio announcements had been made about Yanae's disappearance, and her friends were all extremely worried - especially Julia. Julia blamed herself for letting Yanae go on her own that day, she wished she had never left her best friend.

"Oh honey," Aurora sat on the sofa, shaking her head. Calvin walked up to her and sat down next to his wife. "I'm so worried,"

"She'll be okay," Calvin reassured her. "I know it. She's a strong girl,"

"What if something bad has happened to her?" Aurora sniffled. "Oh, I can't stand the thought of it!"

Calvin wrapped his arms around his wife, rubbing her back in a soothing manner. The truth was, he was just as worried as his wife.

Please let Yanae be okay.


Yanae stood in the hotel bathroom, a horrified look on her face. She stared at the pregnancy test in her hand - it read positive.

"I can't believe this," she whispered to herself. "I'm pregnant..." she trailed off, looking up - staring at her reflection in the mirror. She had begun to notice how thin she had become - presumably due to the presence of another being inside of her.

She looked back down at the pregnancy test in her hand. She didn't know what to do. She had slept with Michael out of fear, and now she was having a baby.

It all came as a huge shock to Yanae. Suddenly, the bathroom door opened - revealing Michael. Yanae gasped and tried to hide the pregnancy test, but Michael was quick. Once he spotted it, he walked up to his young wife and grabbed the item from her.

He looked down and his eyes widened slightly. Yanae gulped, not knowing what his reaction would be like.

After a moment, he set the test down onto the bathroom counter - moving closer to his wife. She backed away, but he kept moving.

Eventually, she was backed up against the kitchen counter, and Michael was only a few inches away from her. He slowly leaned in to kiss her neck before whispering against her skin.

"You're pregnant?" his breath tickled her slightly, making her shiver. Yanae said nothing. He began to move lower, but she pushed him away roughly - making her way out of the bathroom.



Yanae walked out of the bathroom, leaving me slightly shocked. I knew that a part of her hated me, it was obvious. But as well as that, there was a part of her that liked me - a part of her that felt the same way for me, as I did for her.

Yanae was never just a pretty girl, she was beautiful. A sight to behold. A strong, feminine picture of perfection. She was everything that I could have ever wanted.

Granted, the way in which I had taken her was unconventional - but I could see that she was beginning to open up to me.

I could feel it.

I tried my best!
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Lots of love!

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