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I spoke to the girls and we agreed to meet at my house because I didn't know my way around LA. I decided to wear something quite casual because I didn't want to be too extra.
I did my make up and added some lipgloss like always and headed downstairs.
Once all the girls were here we got into the car and Jas sat in the front and showed me where to go, she had the aux cord and we were getting lit.
Before I knew it we pulled up to the house and got out, I was dragged inside by the girls and made our way to the kitchen to get drinks. I agreed to not drink because I didn't want to embarrass myself on the first day of meeting people.
But I knew I didn't need a drink to have a good time, as we were dancing I heard a song come on which me and my friends in England used to twerk to come on so I grabbed the girls and began shakin ma booty with them.

When the song was over I looked around and my eyes landed on Gelo who was staring at me smirking. I don't know what happened but I have a huge burst of confidence and walked towards him. " Hey Gelo" I said giving him a hug which he happily accepted, " Hey Katie I didn't know you had that in you" he said which caused me to laugh. " there's a lot you don't know about me" I said back smirking at him before walking back to Jas and the girls.

The girls must have noticed me speaking to Gelo because they were smiling ear to ear at me.
"What?" I ask them not sure of what they are smiling at, they just continue to smile until Jas decides to speak up " So you and Gelo hmm?" I laugh.   " We're just friends I only met him today". They carry on smirking before another song came on and we danced for a good hour and I ended up drinking.
Me and the girls decided to play a game of truth or dare with some other people from school, the next thing I know Jas says "Katie, truth or dare?" I smirk at her "Dare" she gives me and evil smile and that was the moment I regretted playing the game.
" Katie I dare you to go upstairs with Gelo for 10 minuets" I give her a glare and decided to quickly drink the rest of my drink hoping it would calm my nerves.
I saw Gelo come towards me and hold his hand out for me to take, we walked up the stairs and into a quiet room, I didn't know what to say and felt really awkward but thank god he broke the silence.
" So are you having a good time?" He asked looking into my eyes like he did in class, I decided to keep the eye contact going " Yeah It's okay I guess". He smirked and began to walk closer to me causing me to take a few steps back before my back hit the wall.
I felt butterflies in my stomach when he got closer to me and knew what effect he was having on me.
" Do I make you nervous?" He asked me looking up and down my body as he towers over me.
I look up into his eyes "N-no why would you make me nervous?" I ask like I was confused but in reality he did make me nervous and I could tell he loved it.
" You seem tense whenever you're around me" he smirked touching my waist with his large hands, I began to breathe heavy because my heart was beating faster than usual. "I'm not tense, I jus-"
"Shhh baby girl you need to relax" he cut me off by placing his index finger over my mouth.
I began to get turned on and tried my best not to show it but that didn't work because he just kept smirking at me. 

He moved his face to my neck and started placing gentle kisses along my jaw and moved down to my neck.
He began to suck and eventually found my soft spot and I tried my hardest to not let out a moan, but after   A few seconds I had no control over what was coming out of my mouth.

He pulled away from my neck before looking at me then leaning forward into my lips, I kissed him back and put my arms around his neck while one hand was lost in his hair pulling lightly now and then. As we were kissing one of his hands found there way around my neck taking me by surprise.
I felt him grab my thighs and pick me up and place me gently on the bed before he pulled away and began to kiss down my neck and chest again.
As he got to my belly button he gave me a look as if he was asking for permission until there was a knock on the door followed by someone saying "times up" I looked at Gelo who stood up and gave me his hand to take. He looked me in the eyes " we should finish this another time" I looked down and bit my lip before I walked out the room and found the girls, they told me they were ready to go and we left. I decided not to tell them what happened just because It's private and thought they would judge me for doing that after knowing him for 1 day.

I dropped the girls off home and jumped into the shower before going to bed.

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