Flash Fiction Challenge - Part II

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Original Challenge Post - 9/3/2018


As humanity sends its first manned
expedition beyond the orbit of Earth,
it discovers humans are immortal,
but "Mother Earth" is actually a living organism
that has been consuming their life force to survive.

2018 © Jena Gregoire

All the who's who of officers were gathered around the navigation monitor on the deck of our star ship. The first mate tapped away at the virtual keyboard and called up the scan we'd received from the colony of ships we encountered. The image blinked to life and we all gasped in unified horror at the sight. Our leader Captain Michaels listened intently and squinted at the screen as he examined the beast feeding off of our home planet. As the visiting Captain spoke, he stared the creature down with all the determination of a battle-worn general. 

"We've been studying her for centuries but we can only do so from a great distance. The closer we get, we begin to age rapidly. In the early days of the discovery, we sent crews back to warn the inhabitants of Earth but every single one died on the journey before ever reaching their goal. We think she planned it that way. Anyone who ventures out survives but cant get back to tell the rest once they know her secret. She's got the entirety of Earth's population stuck in a loop, the likes of which they are completely unaware. They think our kind wouldn't have the time to survive the trip to anything of value in deep space, but if they'd just venture out beyond the gravitational pull, they'd have all the time in the universe to discover worlds they can't even imagine. She's viscous, she's cunning, and she will likely suck the life out of everyone and everything on that rock before she finally dies."

"Sounds like my ex-wife." 

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