Why Are There Children?- The Pack Part 2

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Vikk's P.O.V.

Lachlan was quite happy to perch on my lap, waving his hands around and grabbing at anything he could reach. He seemed to love my necklace, the one he had gifted to me just a few months earlier for our two year anniversary, and was constantly grabbing for it, sometimes managing to reach it.

Preston was still on the ground, pattering around and exploring everything and it was only then I noticed how he didn't recognise anything surrounding him, that everything was new. So he didn't remember anything.

"Preston doesn't recognise anything, does he?" I piped up, bouncing Lachlan up and down on my knee. He was crowing quietly and smiling, his hair bobbing up and down. "So that means the others don't."

"I guessed that, but I've been thinking... of other things. I'm worried. Is this permanent? Are we going to be stuck with these 3 as kids forever, are we gonna have to quit YouTube? We're never going to be able to explain this to anyone." Rob spoke up.

"I hope it's not permanent.... cause our fans aren't going to take our sudden disappearance well, we won't be able to explain why three of us are no longer there..." Mitch paused in his speech. "Unless we say there was an accident and we won't be coming back again."

Jerome was still curled up on his lap with a thumb firmly in his mouth, his brown eyes just peeking up at me from around Mitch's sweatshirt. He looked a good deal younger than I knew he was, considering he was the oldest, but seemed to be the least outgoing.

Preston had the biggest personality for his tiny body, constantly bouncing around and looking for new things, running up to people and always wanting attention. He was much the same as he was as an adult, the centre of attention all the time and full of energy.

Lachlan was in the middle of the two, he loved to be close to me but was also outgoing and wanted to do something. He was something like that before too, but he fluctuated from one end to the other from day to day. One day he was an extrovert and loved to get into everything, but others, especially following a sleepless night, he didn't want to get out of bed and would hardly talk.

His emotions would slide from one end of the scale to the other and it was a gamble each day if he would be able to function and record and feel happy about everything or if he was a ghost of a person who wouldn't eat, speak or go anywhere.

Jerome was similar as an adult, sometimes outgoing and sometimes not but he didn't slide from one end to the other like Lachlan did. He wasn't particularly outgoing or introverted but it could change, but as a toddler it seemed he was very clingy, completely unwilling to release his hold on Mitch and crying when Mitch tried to put him down.

"It's- it's gonna be difficult. We've either got to wait and put out the videos we have slowly and hope things go back to normal... or... quit." It was morbid hearing it like that but I knew it was true.

"I'm just gonna hold out hope for now, focus on keeping these boys happy and in case they stay little, look around for some stuff for them to do." My arms tightened around Lachlan's waist to stop him from falling off as he squirmed.

"Robby!" I looked past Lachlan and down to my feet and saw little Preston with his hands on my knees looking up at me with wide and bright eyes.

"I'm not Robby." I pointed with one hand over my shoulder, the other still supporting Lachlan. "He's over there buddy." He turned around and saw Rob with his legs crossed in front of each other on the chair, who waved.

"Robby!!!" He pattered over to Rob, climbing onto his lap and scrambling up and down the chair.

"Hey baby, what cha doing?" He settled himself down on Rob's lap.

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