veinte | rabia

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Translation for Spanish words
used in this chapter —

Rabia — rage
Cálmate — just calm down


Being shocked was a huge understatement for when Jeon Jungkook heard all the allegations Aeri Alvarez voiced on out Kim Namjoon.

His face paled, his features inflated, thin lips parted for a hollow gasp to escape.


His eyes dotted to the people in the room, to Aeri glaring at Namjoon with all the wrath flaring in her little body, the one being glared at cowering from her gaze.

Yoongi set his icy gaze towards him too, lips pursed, expression darkening with every second. Hoseok only looked away, nuzzling the unfazed giggling boy in his arms closer to his chest. He didn't even dare observe the scene before him, and didn't let Jihoo either.

Jungkook did fuck all. Only gaped at the most unlikely couple he could ever have thought of.

He was so out of it that he blurted out something that should have obviously been left unsaid.

"You both had sex?!"

Hoseok and Yoongi both turned to him, giving him a look which probably consisted of ramming his head against the crimson wall.

Jihoo, as if almost understanding the idiot, giggled even more, dimples caving into his cheeks.

The boy stared at them as if it was a feature he had never seen in a man.

How did you not notice that? How in the world did you forget this?

Aeri didn't bother acknowledging his stupid comment, instead scoffing at the man who'd most probably soiled his trousers.

"Surprise, prick," she snarled, peeling off the towel from her forehead.

Namjoon blinked for the first time, his unruly eyes turning to the bearer of his child.

"I-it can't be."

"Why can't it be?" She mused, throwing the towel beside the bed. "Hmm? You and I both know it's completely possible," she added, spite in her tone, "Seeing as we did everything we could to do end up in this situation."

Jungkook was still rooted to that idea.

Aeri Alvarez. Kim Namjoon. Both had—

No! No, he could not think of it, or else he'll go insane. He already got pissed with Taehyung flirting with him, and this was to a whole new level.

But still. The boy could not help the sudden chill of cold rage that traveled through his veins.

"A-Aeri," Namjoon fumbled, his eyes still shell shocked, "I-I would have k-known—"

"Oh, I would have told you myself," she interrupted, scowling even harder, "But I knew how you'd react."

If it even was physically possible, Namjoon paled a shade lighter.

"N-no you wouldn't."

Aeri's scoff mocked the very existence of the bar owner. "You've bullshitted with me for so long, gillipolla, I think it's time you stop now."

The man was incredibly insistent, still trying to clarify his innocence. "A-Aeri if you would have just told me—"

And that's when the flamenco dancer snapped.

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