Chapter 1: The Vision

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Chapter 1: The Vision

May 5, 2002

Running for her life, the woman tried to stay several steps ahead of her attacker, as she made her way past one tree, then two. There had not been an ounce of time to put on her shoes, but then again, she was barely dressed fleeing the house. She wore an oversized flannel shirt, unbuttoned with silk cream colored under panties, and delicate lace embroidered over the elastic. Locusts buzzed off into the distance, and every now and then, the sounds of an owl hooting could be heard. Mostly, all she could hear were the sounds of the leaves crunching under her feet, and she was sure this is what he could hear too. It was natures built in tracking device, and he was following the woman like a hound follows a coon. Stumbling through the forest of trees, she stepped on a sharp jagged rock buried underneath a pile of dry, brittle, leaves poking deep into her left foot. The pain was mind blowing, but she couldn't stop to tend to it as the blood gushed. She kept running. She was more afraid of him, than her fresh bloody wound. She knew that she had to get away from him, and fast! Where's the country road? The question kept racing through her mind, until the deep dark dread of fear sunk in, as she realized she was not heading for the county highway. In the darkness of night, she ran the wrong direction. Soon she will be met with a barbed wire fence. More fear sunk in. This time it was paralyzing!

"Help me, somebody help me," the woman screamed, as loud as she could from the bottom of her throat, but no one could hear her except for him, her lover, and the horses in the nearby pastures. Why was he so enraged? Minutes ago she lay naked on top of their queen sized bed. He didn't want to have a king sized bed, she would be too far away from him. He wanted to feel her close by him, so that he could feel the softness of her skin. Not remembering if they had made love, she wondered if she had another black out? She had become a lush! The self-medicating, the booze, even dabbling in drugs. She would get up, pass out, and do it all over again, beginning with today, tomorrow, and again next week. It was the start of a holiday weekend, Memorial Day, and it was her reason to party it up. And yet, every day was a reason to party it up. It was in the early morning, you know the time where the sky is still black and dark before the sun comes over the horizon. The drugs had overtaken his life, and were moving into hers. She didn't remember any of the self-humiliation that he had continued to put himself through. Trying to please her as she laid there passed out drunk, while he shamelessly kept trying to get it up. This is when she woke up for the second time after passing out from the booze, sloppy sex, or both. When she had finally come to, it was apparent he did not look like himself as he paced back and forth, while he talked to himself out loud in a forceful tone and blind frenzy. This tone in his voice startled her to the very core of her bones, it was so loud that it abruptly woke her out of her deep coma, her booze induced coma. He was scaring her. She had seen his anger before, but never had it been directed towards her, never at her. This is what was so puzzling to her. She had seen him lose it with his drug connections threatening their very lives, but never hers. He worshiped every inch of her, except it was a creepy obsession. She was all alone in the room or at least that is how she felt, even though, he was physically there rambling nonsense. His black eyes were piercing, and glazed over from doing too many lines of cocaine while she slept, but they didn't even see her. He stared right at her, and directly through her pacing back and forth in their bedroom. His arms, flinging up and down as his fists punched swift jabs into the thin air speaking in confusing broken thoughts, as his fiery continued to build. As each hour passed, he was emerging into this monster. Disoriented and still drunk herself, she grabbed his blue and black checked flannel shirt, and ran out of the house. She was running for the fence but shouldn't have headed this way, it was the wrong way. This would only lead her to a dead end, the fence. It was just on the other side of the thick dense woods in which she was stumbling through. It was old and rickety but still did the job of keeping horses inside the pasture, and out of her two acres of land. It was razor sharp, and wild prickly thorn bushes sprouted up through the rusted barbed wire fence which hindered her from trying to jump it. Regretfully, it was just a matter of seconds and he would reach her. Fully aware of this dream, I felt awake and conscious, as I watched the vision of a desperate woman trying to escape her lover unfold right before my eyes. My physical body was sound asleep, as shallow breaths of air exited from my lips. Sometimes dreams are just downright silly, but then there are moments when dreams are very real. This woman was showing me something. This was the real deal.

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