I sent a group message to the rest of the girls.

“See you tonight. Louie just called. Wake me up at 6 please.”

7 PM I jumped out of bed when I saw the time.

“Crap!!” I saw my Mom and my Yaya (nanny) Geena, getting the laundry from my walk in. “Mom, why didn’t you wake me!”

“I’ve been trying to wake you up! Your phone has been ringing nonstop.” She was about to walk out my door.

“I have an 8 o’clock thing!” running to my bathroom.

“Is it with Tyler?” I stopped in my tracks.

“Ma, we’re over. I’m going to Nadine’s, I’ll be with Louie and the girls.”

“Drinking again? Why don’t you all have your livers checked, you drink like there’s no tomorrow.”

“Mom, we do have our regular checkups!” I left her there, went in and quickly took a bath.

I put on a loose top that falls to the side and a short denim skirt. Most of my clothes are dresses and skirts. I think it complements my 5’4” height. Even though, I’m have some extra weight on, I carry myself well. I don’t wear much make-up either. I put on some cream, a tinted lip gloss and gave my shoulder length hair a brush, added a spritz or two of perfume, slip on wedges and off I went.

It took me 15 minutes to drive to their condo; I got there at 8:30.  I rang the doorbell and turned around quickly fixing my hair.

The door swung open and I turned to see Arvin, another friend of Louie’s, open the door.

“Hey Zelene!! You’re late!!” he put his arm around me as he walked me in.

“I was only 30 minutes late. Is everyone here?” walking into the dining room.

I greeted my girls with a kiss on the cheeks and waved to the other guys, Will and Franco. Everyone was there eating dinner, surprisingly on time, except for Zeke.

Louie’s place is huge for a condo. They bought the one next to theirs and combined the two corner units. Their dining area can easily fit 30 people during a cocktail party. It also has a small sitting area near the bar.

“Here’s your shot. What took you so long?” Louie asked as he put a glass in my hand filled 1/3 with whisky, our favorite drink. He also gave me a bottle of cold water for after each shot.

“Aren’t you even gonna let me eat first? Are you in a hurry? We’re at your house.” I jokingly said as I downed the contents of the glass and immediately drunk from the bottled water he gave me.

 “Sorry sorry. Go ahead and eat while we drink. I have a box of 6 more ready for our taking. We haven’t had drinks together for a while and this time we’re celebrating. “He poured whiskey into my glass before taking a seat.

“We broke up. I wasn’t freed from jail.” I scoffed as I drank the whisky.

I got food from the table. Hotpot goes well with hard liquor. One of our favorite bonding, aside from drinking, was either Korean grill or Chinese hotpot where you cook raw items in a pot on the table. It’s perfect for good conversation.

“We know you don’t wallow in sadness and you prefer to celebrate everything in life. Even the bad things. So here we are, celebrating. I just am not sure if it’s a good or bad thing. So cheers!” He clinked our glasses and we downed our drinks.

On my 7th or 8th shot, well I lost count, the doorbell rang. It was a bit past 9 in the evening. Nadine stood up to get the door. I was eating my food slowly so I don’t get full right away.

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