Chapter 9: The Barn

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(Pearl's P.O.V.)

It's been one week already since he confessed to me and I couldn't be happier. We spent a lot of time together since then. We occasionally went for a walk in the woods and just admired the nature. He really seemed fond with the nature and by that I mean REALLY. A squirrel ate from his hand and one time a eagle landed on his shoulder.

Anyways... A Homeworld Gem named Peridot appeared and caused a lot of havoc around here but we managed to stop her and bubble her. But Steven of course unbubbled her to speak with her and long story short, she lives in our bathroom right now.

She talked about a "cluster" or something like that but since she won't come out we got to look at it ourselves. We decide to leave Steven alone with Peridot while Garnet, Amethyst, (Y/N) and me will investigate the thing she talked about.

(Timeskip at the barn with Lapis and Peridot)

((Y/N)'s P.O.V.)

What happened? Well... Peridot helped us "defeat" the cluster but in the end Steven did. Lapis and Peridot live in the barn now and are trying to get along with each other.

After a couple of weeks Steven and I decided to give them a surprise visit.

(Y/N): "Heya you two!"

Lapis: "Oh hey (Y/N) and Steven." She flew down from. A car? What the heck...

Steven: "Hi. I see you're slowly getting acquainted with each other?"

Lapis: "I guess so. Slow and steady." , rubbing her neck.

Peridot: "STEVEN! COME OVER HERE! I NEED YOU HERE! JUST YOU! STEVEN! NOT HIM! JUST YOU!" That's the most suspicious one can be, but we decided to follow her orders.

Steven walked around the barn, leaving me with Lapis alone.

Lapis: "Soooo... How are things with Pearl?"

(Y/N): "Pretty good. Couldn't be better actually. Thanks for asking." Could this conversation get any more awkward?

She looks away. A clear blue tint started to appear on her face.

Lapis: "Th-That's great for you." She says, rubbing her shoulder.


(Y/N): "What about you? How is life here on the barn?"

Lapis: "It's great and all but I'm still getting used to it. Peridot actually helps me a lot."

Peridot was heard in the back of the barn.


Wait what? How did he? I have to get there this instant. I teleported to them and only saw a giggling Steven around the corner, unharmed.

(Y/N): "Peridot. Don't ever lie to me like that. You scared the duck out of me!"

Peridot: "Whaaaa--?" After several seconds she spoke up again. "Oh. SURPRISE!"

I looked around and saw multiple scarecrows scattered and placed everywhere. They all had different outfits on and all of them were painted differently.

Peridot: "It's a training field! Isn't it great? Now you can train your skills against those EVIL scarecrows! And I will keep on advancing it if you like."

Lapis appeared around the corner, looked around and began to do the infamous snort laugh. It's so adorable...

Peridot began to look down as she realized this.

(Y/N): "Aww thank you, Peri. I love it. The only thing I have to watch out for is not using my sword against them or I'll destroy them easily." I decided to pick her up and hug her.

Peridot: "Anything for you, The (Y/N)..." She patted my back.

(Y/N): "It's (Y/N)."

Peridot: "Whatever..." "Now let me down."

(Y/N): "Oh. Yeah."

After that we decided to go in and binge-watch Camp Pining Hearts. Man, the fifth season is absolute trash. I mean, who would ever write such stupid comedy, romantic, drama crap.

Besides that I noticed that Lapis was looking at me from time to time. I looked back at her only to see her turning around again.

I decided to walk out and work out with my new "training field".

Steven: "Where are you going, (Y/N)? I know that this season is not really great... You know what? Nevermind just go."

(Y/N): "Okay then."

Once I walked out I put my sword in my gem again and took my hoodie off. I don't want it to get filled with sweat.

I breathed in deeply, inhaling the wind of this beautiful autumn.

(Lapis' P.O.V.)

(Y/N) went outside. I got to say... I like the fifth season. I've watched it a lot of times already so I should go out too, right?

A noise filled up my ears as I got out. It seems to be behind the barn. It must be (Y/N). As I looked around the corner, I saw (Y/N) concentrating. In an instant all of the scarecrows fell down with the stick that held them up, broken.

(Y/N): "Oh no! Peridot's going to kill me!" He said in a worried voice.

I walked up to him, much to his surprise.

(Y/N): "Ha! Oh it's you, Lapis."

Lapis: "How did you do that? It looked like you controlled the air."

(Y/N): "Well... you know that I'm able to teleport, right?"

Lapis: "Wait. You can teleport? I thought I just had a daydream. That's pretty amazing. I can only manipulate water."

(Y/N): "Water manipulation is sooo cool. I once saw you doing it. I got so jealous."

Lapis: "If you say so..." "You wanted to explain what you did..."

(Y/N): "Basically I just ran and punched them in a blink of an eye."

Lapis: "It actually sounds boring if you explain it like that."

I chuckled and he did as well. A shadow appeared around the corner.

Peridot: "I swear I heard a noise bac--... WHAT HAPPENED HERE?"

(Y/N): "L-Look, Peri I can explain!"

Peridot: "Spare me the commentary you... clod!"

Lapis: "No, Peridot. He just broke them by accident, while he was training with them."

She looked at me with a angered face for a second before it turned to a happy face.

Peridot: "Oh why didn't you say so."


The two began to fight each other but Steven and me just stood at the side lines and laughed. He sure is, something else...

(Timeskip to the end of the day)

Steven: "It was nice seeing you guys. Thank you for this amazing day."

(Y/N): "What he said." He shook Peridot's hand but hugged me, leaving me with a blush.

(Y/N): "Thank you for being a wonderful friend." He whispered to me.

And then something hit my stomach, emotionally. What is that? It feels... disappointing.

Peridot: "Be sure to visit us again someday!"

Steven: "We will!"

After we waved each other goodbye we decided to clean up the mess in the backyard (Y/N) left. I noticed his hoodie was still there but they are too far away now. I guess I'll keep it until we see them again.

((Y/N)'s P.O.V.)

I can't really seem to get through Lapis. She still is a mystery to me but I like her. She sure is, something else...

I can't wait to tell Pearl about this amazing day. Ugh. I miss her so much.

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