Justin Russo: Tutoring

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Suparna's POV:

I shut my locker and turned around to see my best friends, Alex and Harper, waving at me.

"Suparna! Wait up!" I stood next to my locker as they ran up to me. They gave me quick hugs before letting go.

"How do you guys think you did on the test?" They shared glances before turning to me.

"We did pretty well. But we accidentally saw your grade. Sorry, Suparna. It's a C." I looked down, trying to control my emotions, before plastering a smile on my face. 

"Hey, it's fine. I'll improve it. So what do you—" Both of them grabbed my hands and led me to the other side of the hallway. I was used to this by now, so I just let them. We finally came to a stop. I looked around, but I was hit by another person. I shuffled back a little bit and looked up to see Justin, Alex's brother. I blushed before looking down.

"Sorry about that, Suparna." I waved him off and looked at him again. His eyes had the same twinkle they always had. I found myself getting lost in them before I shook my head and was pulled over by Alex and Harper.

"Hey! Back off, Justin." Alex said as she stood in front of me. I giggled at their sibling rivalry.

"Shut up, Alex. I bumped into her and was making sure she's alright." Alex squinted her eyes at him before opening them up again with a look of realization. She glanced at me and then Justin.

I held a confused expression on my face as did Justin and Harper. Alex let out an evil laugh.

"Suparna, I think I just found you a tutor." My jaw dropped in response. That evil little—

"Suparna, are you alright? You look a little shaken up. Let's take you home. Come on Alex." Before I could respond, Harper and Alex pulled me away from the confused boy. As I was being dragged, I looked behind me to see Justin smiling at me and waving. I tried to waved, but my hands were currently being held. I sent him a smile just as we exited the school building.

"You better thank me, Suparna. I just set you up with the man of your dreams." I blushed as we headed towards my car. Maybe this set up wouldn't be too bad. Little did I know that Justin was thinking the same thing.

Ok, I know this is super short, but I'm doing a part 2 of this. Thanks for all of the reads, you guys! They mean a lot to me.

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