~ Love ~

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Annie looked over at Matias from the table, hearing him tell her to stop begging. She was about to say something when he picked her up. At his next words, she grinned her teeth in a snarl-like look and held on tight as he walked her to the bedroom like a bride on their wedding night. Kicking open the door, she held him tightly and laid out on the bed as he sat her down.

Watching him undress, Annie bit her lip nervously, even after what they just did she was still nervous, yet also horny, she wanted more.

His comment about 'returning the favour' made her look to his cock, his cum dribbling down it and her own fluids all over it, including some blood, made her cringe a little.

"I don't know about that." She bit her lip and his comment about fucking her in the ass made her look even more anxious. "I don't know about my ass either. I... erm... I haven't really... cleaned it out?"

"I'll... I'll suck if it you clean it up first... I don't want to lick blood or cum. I've never tried that before." During sex she was foul mouthed and dominant but right now, on the bed and riding down from the climax, she was almost sub-like. He could very well just force her to suck it.

All the seductive flair and vulgar attitude went out like hot air as Annie gave him some pretty honest answers he'd forgotten about. His hand ran along his pretty disgusting cock with a scowl and he didn't even want to think about what she'd mentioned about her ass.

"Uh. One second." He quickly got up and headed down the hall into the bathroom. The sound of rushing water echoed throughout the quiet house and when he came out he was completely cleansed albeit much softer then he was a moment ago.

Going back to the bed, Matias scratched the top of his head with an awkward smile and a more relaxed posture. His body eventually relaxing into resting beside her own.

Annie smiled as he went to clean himself up, coming back and watching him stare at her, she blushed a light red across her cheeks and watched him come over and lay down next to her.

"So. Scratch what I said about what I just said. We should just take this slow." His eyes flirted to Annie, whom with her still sweaty body and messy blonde hair managed to hit him with a moment of awe. In his lust driven haze and more then deplorable mind, as his suggestions had proven, had not really noticed how beautiful the blonde really was.

Sure, he had been attracted to her in the past, but now as she laid naked on his bed he could really see how stunning she really was. It brought back a little bit of his earlier arousal but what really hit him was how warm his chest seemed to get.

What really hit him was that without a doubt that he was in love with this woman.

He was in love with this woman. A known danger and the Female Titan. Gods he had weird tastes.

"What a night this is turning into." He muttered as he leaned a little backwards on the bed, green eyes trailing up to the ceiling in thought. The naked woman on the bed completely forgotten at least for the moment.

Turning over onto her side and laying beside him, she cuddled up close, leg going over his and her breasts pressed up against the side of his chest with her head resting on the crook of his arm and shoulder.

"Yea, it is a good night." She chuckled softly. "We fucked for the first time. You came in me and I was rather vulgar, you were too. I did not think you were that rough with your voice." She grinned innocently.

"And you slap pretty hard." Annie rubbed her ass gently where the mark was still visibly red.

"It was nice though. I can barely feel my legs and... I'm happy. I am actually happy." She leaned up and kissed his cheek, taking both of them in her hands before leaning over and kissing him on the lips.

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