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Zayn's point of view


"Leila! Don't be so difficult, baby. Be a good girl, okay? For at least an hour," I told Leila, my daughter of five years old.

So, yes, I had a daughter now. Oh, but yes, how could I forget Jibraan, my three year old son. He was the total opposite of his sister, Leila, who was an outgoing and extroverted girl. She was such a drama queen, just like Nawsheen. Leila was not at all shy though, and was very confident and friendly. Jibraan was the quietest three year old you'd ever encounter. He was imaginative and creative, but extremely reserved. I simply don't know what they'll become in the future.

Anyway, so now, we were invited to inaugurate the opening of a new gym, equipped with all its necessities. Nawsheen wouldn't believe that she, the 'laziest' girl ever, would inaugurate a gym. Leila was sulking all through the voyage there.

"Daddy, no! A gym? I don't want to become anorexic! Plus, we'll miss Dhur prayer!" She shrieked with disgust. What?

"Leila, come on. We will pray in the gym if we have to. I don't think we'll miss the prayer anyway. You will not become anorexic by sitting in a gym. Who taught you that word by the way?" I asked, tickling her a bit.

"Mommy did. She says the gym is full of evils and they turn you anorexic! My God! I truly hate the gym, daddy! I will have to stop this opening, for the well-being of people," She said solemnly. For a five year old, she sure spoke pretty well.

"Oh, Cookie. Really?" I frowned at her.

"Haha, maybe. I want to continue this 'hate gym' tradition, you know. Kids! Flying macaronis in the sky!" She exclaimed and dragged me in for a wild sudden kiss while the kids were looking out for flying macaronis.

I smirked,"My shy girl is gone."

"Yes, I'm your confident woman now."

"Are you sure the baby isn't making you horny, babe?" I whispered to her, caressing her belly. Yup, we were about to get a daughter or a son in a month.

When we arrived there, Leila and Jibraan got off the car easily while I was helping Nawsheen out. "Ugh! Zayn, my water broke!" She panted.

"WH --WHAT?! OKAY OKAY. Fine. Calm down. We have to go, quick! Oh God, yes! Be brave, okay? You've done this two times already," I was grinning all over, but also putting her back in the car. I'm so delighted! I'll miss seeing the cute pregnant her. Am I sounding obsessed?

Then, I heard a little chuckle, followed by huge laughs. FUCK.

"You think this is funny?" I frowned at Nawsheen laughing her head off.

"Gosh, yes!" She laughed again. I couldn't help but smile too. She got me so bad. We finally settled and walked like human beings.

"You were adorable though, panicking over me like this," she said in my ear, her breath sending shivers all through me. Oh Allah, I'm so done.

I kissed her forehead and tucked a strand of her hair in her hijab again. She was such a precious gem. "Mommy! Can I ruin everything?" Leila asked with shining eyes. What kind of kid would ask her mother something like this? Only mine.

"Normally, I would've said yes. But you see, I wouldn't have time to bake you a cake if I have to repair what you ruined," Nawsheen replied.

"Oh! I want a cake! Okay,fine, let humans die, I won't ruin the gym!" She grinned and held Nawsheen's hand.

"Jibraan, you okay?" I looked at him.

"Yes, daddy. I'm tired but," he pouted.
"Hmm, I see. Let's  go there, we'll have a seat," I said.

Once seated, Jibraan was enjoying himself looking around while Leila was among the people, saying hello to everyone. I hoped she didn't say bad things about the gym.

For a moment, I took some time to realize how blessed I was. I was totally in wrong path until Nawsheen. And now, I am totally settled, with my family.

What a fairytale, really.

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