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Nawsheen's point of view

I couldn't ever believe that my whole life took a fairy tale turn. I never thought I'd marry the badboy, who was a muslim Prince. My, my. Allah really blessed me on that.

Zayn and I were married, now. I was 20 already, and he was just 21. How young we were! Our nikah was so grand. I was really nervous about falling or something even more embarassing but fortunately, I just almost fell off the limousine once but Zayn caught me in time, so I guess it was okay. Sania got to say 'Halo Living Pumpkins with Legs' to the whole Tauri Hessia population and Asher and Zayn became friends again. Well, they weren't very close, but they weren't fighting every second either.

I just... wished my parents were here. They would be so happy. I do miss them a lot, and this huge hole in my heart won't eer be filled unless I have my own family one day. I pray for hem everyday, and contributed a great amount of money to build a Masjid on their name. I hope they're okay. Allah is with them.

I was brushing my hair when he entered the room to fetch something for his next meeting. He stared at me like I was the most brautiful thing ever, which was far from being true.

"What?" I grinned nervously.

"You're beautiful. I can't help seeing that every time. You know, I do feel very honoured of being that man who loves you and is with you," he sat next to me on the edge of the bed.

"Me too. I love you so much," I smiled, wrinkling my nose.

"Although you're kind of weird without your hijab," he commented like the perfect moment ruiner he is. I sent him a death glare.

"Don't you regret, not being able to live your single life longer?" I asked him the question I've been wanting to ask him since day One. What if someday he decides he's bored with me, and... leaves me?

"And commit more sins when I can be cherishing you as my wife all my life instead? No, I do not regret one single bit," he answered, tightening his grip on my hand.

"I love you, Nawsheen. I will never ever stop."

I smiled and pecked his lips. Those lips I had thrown acid on. Those lips which were the beginning of everything that changed my life. Apparently, a simple peck wasn't enough for Mr. Prince Charming.

He leaned forward and pressed his lips against mine and started kissing me vigorously, cupping my face in between his hands. My own ones instinctively ran up to his soft hair. My Goodness! I felt such a burning flame inside of me ignite suddenly as he pressed his body against mine, groaning as he did so.

"Oh God..I want you so badly right now," he groaned, his lips caressing my jawline while his fingers traced small patterns on my arms. "I'm all yours," I moaned in pleasure. I never thought I'd ever say something this cliché, haha. I dragged his head up and kissed him again. His touch was bringing me on the edge of ectasy...

"Sir! You are awaited in the Big Hall right now," Zayn's baron said while knocking at the door.

He stuffed his head in my neck and groaned. "I'm coming!"

"This is not over, duchess," he kissed my forehead and went away.

Oh, yeah, I forgot that I'm literally a duchess sometimes. Who would have thought?

Zayn's point of view

Ugh! Why did he have to interrupt us? I angrily went away in the Big Hall. My father was waiting for us there, with some important people for a new project we plan on setting up.

"Good morning gentlemen," I greeted, nodding and shaking hands with then once. I took my seat next to my father who looked rather confused.

"Didn't you tell me you were going to get yourself ready for this meeting?" He asked me in a whisper. I nodded.

"Then, why is your hair all spiked up and why do you smell strawberry?" He asked. My eyes widened. Do I really smell strawberry? Oh Allah, Nawsheen.

I ran my hand through my hair rapidly and pulled up my shirt collar, rolling up my sleeves. "Yeah. It's a new perfume," I said. He stared for a while. Oh Dad, stop it already.

The meeting ended soon, mostly because I rushed everything, badly wanting to see Nawsheen again.

"I know she's gorgeous, but you don't have to hurry in your work this much. Look at you, you're practically running to her!" Dad laughed. I didn't care.

After some cuddling time, we prayed together with our matching prayer mats. I read the Qur'aan pretty fluently now, and we were trying to learn by heart the whole Qur'aan.

She was so addictive. I couldn't have asked for someome better than her in my life. I love her with all my heart, and I didn't care if I was desperate or not. She was my wife, mine.

And from now on, we'll be together, forever.

Heyy, yeah I wrote anothet chapter. Because I thought it had ended too dryly :)

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