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In a strange way, Laura Blake was indebted to HYDRA

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In a strange way, Laura Blake was indebted to HYDRA. After all, they had pulled her off the streets years ago and helped her, trained her, and made her who she was today. One of the best agents in the organization. Although now, she hated them. The reality of their actions had really hit her when she was assigned to train and go on missions with the Winter Soldier. He had seemed really familiar to her and when she realized who he was, she had been shocked to her core.

HYDRA had brainwashed the man formerly called James Buchanan Barnes, best friend of Captain America and made him into a killing machine called the Winter Soldier. From that moment on, she had started to plan her way of escape. Thankfully, she had not been assigned to Project Insight. Instead her mission had been to make sure Rose Walters was emotionally weak enough so that she would not be able to help Captain America when the time had come. In a way, she had succeeded since the exhibit on young heroes at the NASM in the Smithsonian had been enough to jolt her.

Yet Laura had hated every minute of it. She had clearly seen the pain in Rose's eyes and it bit at her very conscience. She had to find a way to escape but she didn't know how.What she didn't know the path of escape would come when she would spot the Insight helicarriers collapsing into the middle of the Potomac.


Laura always stayed around the Smithsonian knowing that Rose Walters always walked around here, remembering old memories. She really didn't want to follow her around, basically stalking her but considering that she would be murdered if she didn't, she had to finish her job.

She had been waiting awhile, sitting in front of the NASM while waiting for Rose Walters to finally show up after days of not having come to the place. But then her phone started buzzing. Laura pulled it out of her pocket and opened it only to be shocked to her very core. Something was happening. Information about S.H.I.E.L.D. had made its way online and along with it, it included how HYDRA had also grown inside S.H.I.E.L.D. 'Shit,' She thought, knowing that everything about her would now be available online, including her missions and the fact that she had been assigned to monitor and emotionally destroy an Avenger. 

Laura was going to be in a hell lot of danger. She needed to escape from Washington as soon as possible. She got up from the bench and started walking, keeping a careful eye on the crowd. She didn't want anyone to be suspicious of her so she tried to keep her face normal. The people passed by her, not having a care in the world. Not knowing that at that moment there was a women walking among them that could kill them with the snap of her fingers.

But Laura wasn't going to do that. There would be no killing tonight.

Her eyes caught a sudden movement in the crowd. A man was walking strangely, almost as if he was trying to hide from someone. His long dark hair was covered by a baseball cap and he was walking in the direction of one museum, the one which had an exhibit on Captain America, Laura recalled. Her suspicion ignited, she decided to follow him. She kept her eye on him, careful not to let him out of her sight and yet she also kept a safe distance from him.

She could see him staring wide-eyed at the exhibit. She walked slightly closer to him trying to take a good look at his face. And when she did, her eyes widened. The man in the cap was none other than the Winter Soldier. The man who she had trained with. The man because of which she had become disillusioned with HYDRA, knowing what they had done to him.

Laura was wary. She didn't want to call out to him because she didn't know what his reaction would be. For the time being, she decided to keep an eye on him and watch him from a distance. With every moment, the lost feeling on his face continued to grow. Laura watched as he shifted his position from the exhibit about Steve Rogers to the exhibit about himself. The video of Captain America and Lieutenant Barnes was playing and she could note the stress that was appearing on his face. She finally decided to make her move.

Laura stepped right up to him and quickly whispered, "You shouldn't be here. They'll come for you."

He suddenly jolted in surprise and Laura had to grab his arm pulling him to a steady position. "Look, I know this might sound strange and all, but you are going to be in a lot of danger if you stay here even a minute longer. And don't make one move. Act normal."

He pushed her arm away from him. "W-who are you? I don't know you."

Laura blinked. She wasn't expecting that. But then again, HYDRA had screwed up with his mind so she should have expected his memories to be messed up. "Right now, the only person who can help you. I'll help you hide from them...from HYDRA. So come with me."

He looked at her, unsure of what to say. "H-how can I trust you? I don't know you."

"Just believe me, I know what HYDRA can do to people and I want to help you, and me, escape."


"Because HYDRA is not an organisation that should exist in this world. What they did to you..is just not..." Laura didn't even have a word for it; that's how terrible it was. He had fixed her with a calculating look, trying to see whether he should trust her.

"Are you in or not?"


And here's the first chapter of Lonely Seas! You're gonna get more info about Laura and what she did for HYDRA in the upcoming chapters and you'll see appearances from Rose Walters, who is the OC for my Steve fic, "Changing Tides"

I hope you liked this chapter! Please let me know your feedback in the comments below!

I hope you liked this chapter! Please let me know your feedback in the comments below!

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