Chapter Five

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I was just about finished explaining geometrical structures of polymers when my phone pinged. I was sitting on the edge of the bed, my feet dangling off the side. I opened the text.

me n the gang coming to pick u up in 30. –Grayson

I quickly typed up a reply and hit send.

got it. where to this week??

I checked the time. 5:16. Wow, how had almost two hours passed so quickly? Usually anything to do with Chemistry made time drag on forever, but I had barely felt the time fly. I looked up to find Isobel watching me, but she quickly looked back towards her books when our eyes met. I couldn't see her face clearly because she was turned but I could swear her cheeks went slightly pink.

Ever since I had gotten here earlier, she had been acting strange. She drifted off into her own thoughts a few times when our heads were near and bent over the books, and I had to repeat some things twice for her. 

She touched my hand frequently while I spoke, even placed a hand on my thigh once when we changed positions and sat against the headboard, which made electricity zap down my spine. I also caught a strange look in her eyes when I looked up at her suddenly but each time it disappeared faster than the last. It made me feel incredibly nervous, and I contemplated asking her about it but I didn't want to make things awkward when we had just passed that stage.

Before either of us could say anything my phone pinged again and I looked down.

we went w bowling this week. was hanging at charlies, were going to pick up mads then coming to u. better be ready slow coach :)))) –Grayson

I rolled my eyes, an involuntary smile tugging my lips upward. Idiot. I locked my phone without replying and threw it onto the bed next to me.

"That was Grayson. I wish I could stay and help you out a little more but I've got to get going soon." I stated, pursing my lips. She sat up as well and waved her hand dismissively.

"You've already stayed longer than I expected you to, doing this boring chem shit with me."

I opened my mouth to reply when my eyes caught something on the desk. I got up and walked over to it, picking it up. It was a couple of music sheets, which I had no clue how to read. I turned to her, sheets in hand.

"Which instrument do you play?" I questioned, returning to sit on the bed. "I meant to ask you at school but forgot."

She brightened up, as if I made her immensely happy by asking. She jumped up, rushing to her closet. After a few seconds on rummaging inside, she reappeared with a huge case that resembled a violin in shape but was way too big. She set it on the bed between us and unzipped it.

"This is a cello, and it is my whole heart and soul." I stared in awe at the marvelous instrument, my jaw practically on the floor.

"Its so... beautiful." I whispered, finally finding my voice.

She pulled the massive thing out and set it on the floor, then pulled out the long bow. "I know. I fell in love with it the moment I first laid eyes on it when I was 13. I knew It would become a huge part of my life."

I reached out and gently stroked it's beautifully polished wooden body. It looked powerful, somehow. Like it was capable of destroying and creating all at once. It stole my breath away. My stupefied expression made her giggle.

"I had the same reaction the day my mom first gave it to me on my fifteenth birthday. I took lessons here and there but I begged her for almost two years to buy me a cello before she finally realized I wasn't going to let go. Actually my only condition when she and Andrew told me we were moving here was a school with a good music program." She confessed, turning her head to look at me with a smile. 

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