Chapter-50 'fight-6'

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"Leo?" I said
"Yes lisa? " he replied
"we just sent back all the guards, how are we supposed to win the battle against your stepmother and brother?" I asked
"listen, the guards were all of queen's" he said
"so.?" i asked quite confused.
"I always knew a day like this will come, so I was prepared" he said with a small smile
"how?" I asked
" you'll see" he said
I nodded and he turned the carriage to a different route, I supposed he was going to show me whatever he was talking about.
After a while of going in that direction leo finally stopped the carriage and and asked me to step down. I looked around and saw a shed in the middle of the woods.
I asked him "what am I Supposed to see?" in confusion
"Follow me" he said in a authoritative tone.
I did as I was told and followed him inside the shed.
Once inside I gasped in shock as I saw more than 150 armed men sitting inside. Firstly I was shocked to see this many vampires in one shed given that all the guards at our palace as well as leo's palace were humans, and secondly the shed was so small to hold this many people that no one could've guessed it so it was pretty genius.

"see" leo said proudly
"are they all your men?" I asked still Shocked.
"well yeah" leo said

He continued " now my plan is that we are will rest for the night and at the crack of dawn we'll attack the palace"

"wow.... Impressive " I said
"indeed" leo replied.

As the moon appeared my stomach started hurting. Hunger pangs hit me like never before,this was the longest I had went without drinking blood.

I looked around trying to search for any source of blood but all in vain.
As the hunger pangs grew I shrieked in pain.
Leo ran towards me with a bottle and gave it to me, I gulped all the remaining blood in the bottle .

Soon, the pains settled and I took a breath of relief.
"are you alright?" leo said
"yeah I guess so" I said
"this pains are so unbearable" I continued wiping a tear from my eyes
Leo wrapped his shoulders around me and said
"don't worry, once we win our palace back you will won't have to face these hunger pains"
"hope so" I said

As I was sitting there in leo's embrace I heard some footsteps coming nearer.
I looked at leo for confirmation and he nodded in approval. We both stood as we saw a mob approaching

I knew what was happening, the man or should I say the human whom I met earlier had gave information about our existence. I was afraid now, leo passed me a suspicious look as if he knew that I had something to do with the it I avoided his gaze and stared at the approaching mob.

As the mob came in front of us one person shouted "They're blood sucking beasts! Kill them!" the whole mob was now chanting "KILL THEM!KILL THEM!"

Suddenly leo pushed me away, and as he did he let out a loud shriek. The soldiers came out and were ready to attack.

Leo pounced on one of the person and the fight commenced.

Leo was tearing, chewing and killing. I had never witnessed leo in such anger I was terrified yet amazed at the same moment.

Soon I found myself joining leo and the guards in the fight. I felt my fangs coming out and as they did a wave of energy and anger flooded through my body as one by one I killed them.

The fight was over soon and needless to say there was a hell lot of blood all over the place.

"I need an explanation" leo said arms crossed.

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