Chapter 14

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I kept replaying the moment in my head over and over. Though the more I did the more I was starting to regret it. The girls on the other hand were all in awe because I had managed to show some "guts." They were giddy too...way to giddy.

"Whyyyyyyyy. Why am I like this?" I groaned.

"You did say you wanted to seduce him" said Kate.

"It was a rhetorical question not be meant to answered" I said.

"Mmmm whatever you say" Kate said in between laughter.

"I saw the whole thing!" pipped June.

"Yeah you weren't meant to" I said.

"I think I was more embarrassed than you Ad" said June.

I scoffed. As if. But then I giggled. I guess it was embarrassing even for her. I felt so out there. If I thought about it, he was my first kiss I had kissed being a "teenager." My first kiss happened in my 8th grade formal. It was one of those super awkward things you do and since it's so bad you don't want to kiss anyone else anymore.

My phone pinged signaling I had received a message. I felt my heart jolt and my palms got sweaty. And in my mind I kept thinking please don't be Nathan please don't be Nathan

And ladies and gentlemen, it was no other than Nathan Pierson. Fudge my life.

Nathan:  Hey 

I on the other hand did not reply.

I groaned, again, "Wake me up like never" and I covered my face with blanket.

"We know" said Rachel.

I really didn't want to keep thinking about what had happened a moment ago so like any normal person would, I forced myself to sleep. But then even in my dreams, Nathan would appear, even more handsome than ever. 




I kept hearing my name in a distant whisper and honestly, it was plain annoying. I cracked my eyes open and said June with my phone.

"What" I deadpanned.

"Hey don't look at me like that, your phone kept going crazy with messages" June said while giving me my phone to look at.

I scrolled through my notifications, emails...instagram notifications...and more messages of Nathan.

I wasn't gonna be dealing with this at 3 am so I placed my phone on silent hoping it would not wake up anyone else for the rest of the night. 

But honestly, after that I wasn't able to sleep because I just kept thinking what those messages might have said. I know I could easily look at them right now but then what if it's more than what I could handle right now. I should be freaking sleeping and not thinking about him. And you know what they say, curiosity killed the cat.

Nathan: so no reply huh

Nathan: well i'm fine thanks for asking

"omg, this loser is talking to himself" I said while I too was talking to myself. Oh lord.

Nathan: that was sarcasm just in case you couldn't tell through text

I rolled my eyes at that message and continued reading.

Nathan: guess i'll see your face in school Monday

"THAT'S IT??!" I quickly covered my mouth but thank goodness the girls didn't wake up. 

I quickly felt some sort of disappointment since I low key was waiting for him to say something about the kiss. Then again maybe things would have been different if I had replied to him from the very beginning.

I groaned once again and covered myself whole with the blanket.

Eat me world.


The next following day came and like every morning, I did not want to get out of bed. Just the thought of seeing Nathan at school had my stomach feeling all type of way. And I did not like it one bit.

"Adrielle get out of beeeeeeddd!!!! we are gonna be late because of you" said June.

I turned my body away from her, "Well leave without me."

"Ad don't make us..." taunted Rachel.

Those were all the words I needed to get out of bed. In case you are wondering what she was about to say it was that they were going to start tickling me. It's such a cruel thing to do to someone if you ask me. Feeling helpless and almost peeing your pants for laughing too much. No thanks. I don't need that negativity in my life. 

"And you better be downstairs in five" Rachel said by leaving with the already dressed friends of mine.

Great. I thought.

I fast walked to my closet cause as you know too early to do any sort of fast movement even if I was on a timer at the moment. I grabbed the first things I saw, jeans and a white t shirt with the sneakers I saw first as a pair. Don't judge, my shoes are all over.

I looked at myself dressed and didn't bother combing my hair. It looked pretty decent...but oh well I left it as is and went downstairs, backpack in hand.

"Well since the Queen of tardiness is finally here so we should go before she decides to take longer" said Rachel.

I scoffed, The Queen of tardiness?! Pft as if. But I do like being called a queen of some sort.

"Okay well let's go then" I said when I noticed none of them were moving their feet towards the door.

The girls all looked at each other and started giggling, I on the other hand was clueless as to why.

"Ya'll were saying that we were gonna be late because of me. I don't think you guys are right because ya'll ain't moving." I was glaring at this point. They did not hurry me for anything.

As soon as I had finished saying that they all bursted out laughing. 

"Addy omg it's Saturday!!!" June said in between laughter and tears.

"I COULD BE SLEEPING!!!! I HATE YOU GUYS!!!!!" I groaned once again. You can call it my second language if you'd like cause it's all I know what to do.

"Let's go back to sleep" said Leah as she was wiping tears from her eyes.

"Uh no, you guys woke me up early so now you gotta take me somewhere" I said.

"Ad it was a joke, I ain't taking you anywhere at this unholy hour" said Leah as she and the rest of the girls went back upstairs to my room. 

I stayed standing in the same spot, so it could either be donuts right now or sleep...what to choose. This was one of the hardest decisions I had to make but at the same time the easiest because there was no doubt about it that I would be choosing sleep over anything. I didn't bother changing out of my clothes but just took my shoes off and went into a guest room to sleep in. I was not gonna take another chance of being woken up and fooled into thinking I had school any time soon. Besides I'd be going to go get my donuts later when I'd have my little hibernating moment.





sorry ya'll but this is a filler if you could say. I'll be coming back and adding more. Thank you so much for reading, it's greatly appreciated <3

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