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Run. That was all I had going through mind. Run. I had to keep going if there was any chance of finding him. If I stopped now they would catch me. My breathing was heavy, and my legs were aching. All I could see through my teary eyes was the blur of green and black as I sprinted through the shrubbery around me. Thorns violently grabbed onto my skin, trying to hold me back, but I wouldn't let them. I just kept my focus off the pain and kept running, one foot in front of the other. I picked up a pattern with my feet that made it feel as if I was flying through the woods. Suddenly I felt a push against my big toe, and had the feeling of my stomach flying up to my chest as I tripped over my own feet and hit the hard earth with a thud. The bushes behind me russled and I could hear strange noises, gradually getting louder. Ding, ding ding. I looked behind me only to see a form emerging from the thick bushes. Ding, ding, ding. I felt like my heart was pushing into my spine, urging me to pull myself from the ground and run, but the large cuts and gashes on my legs wouldn't allow it. I began to make out a face on the form, and let in a quick gasp of air as the tears continued to stream from my eyes. I pushed the air back out into a scream, and felt a push back into reality as I woke up in bed. It was only a nightmare.

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