Nightmares - Zuko x Reader

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As promised, requests are officially RE-OPENED.

Privately requested to me. I'm not sure if this is what you were looking for, but let me know if you would've wanted things differently and I can always try to write you a new OS. I kind of apologize for the shortness of this OS, but MAYBE there's a pre-story coming to this someday too, so...


Zuko and Sokka tried their hardest to fight of the prince's mad sister on top of the gondola that was moving out of the Boiling Rock Prison. 'Cut the rope!', he heard from below and it wasn't long before his younger sister and her friend waved the escaping prisoners goodbye and left to find safety on another gondola passing. While Zuko tried to think of a new escape plan mid-air, he suddenly felt Sokka nudging his arm 'do you know those girls?' The warrior pointed at two females.

It was then when Zuko noticed his black haired ex-girlfriend Mai and more or less still current girlfriend Y/N from his time in Ba Sing Se, side by side fighting of the guards at the bottom of the gondolas.

'Y/N!', Suki exclaimed from his other side.

'You know her?'

The female warrior scoffed at the prince, 'of course I do, she's a Kyoshi warrior. I just didn't know she was here.'

'We have to go back for her', Zuko stated determined but was immediately met with protests of Sokka and his father. 'There's no way we can. We're already lucky if we make it out of here with their help.' 'Exactly, there's no way we'll get this lucky a second time.'

Zuko's shoulders slumped, he knew the two men were right but he still felt extremely bad for leaving the girl behind again. As if on cue, Y/N turned around and looked up at the now moving gondola, her eyes meeting with Zuko's and she nodded at him with a sad smile as if telling him that everything would be alright.

It was months later when Zuko finally managed to go back to the Boiling Rock. His ex-girlfriend was already released after she pulled some strings, she had then tried to get back together with the new firelord but he wasn't up for it. Ever since seeing his Y/N again he realized that leaving the girl behind in Ba Sing Se was probably a huge mistake on his side, but it wasn't as bad as what he had done after that: trying to move on with a new girl he didn't even like. Zuko really wanted to make everything up to the E/C beauty and he hoped she still felt the same way for him as he did.

But when he arrived at the Boiling Rock his worst fears became true, right there near the water a H/C girl stood proudly with her head high despite the fact that her arms and legs were tied together and she was dressed in the prison attire. Two guards beside her held her on each side while the others cheered them on.


The guards easily lifted her up and started swinging her back and forth towards the boiling water along to the cheers.


Realization dawned upon Zuko, they were going to throw her in. 'Y/N! No, I forbid you!', he yelled and started running towards the commotion right when the 'THREE!' was cheered and the H/C girl released. Her eyes met his briefly, she had heard him call out for her, before her body hit the boiling water, a loud scream emitting from her lips. Zuko was too late.

Zuko awoke startled, sweat was dripping down his forehead while his hand tried to find any warmth beside him. "She's not here", a voice spoke in his head, "you let her die, remember?"

Zuko tried to ignore the voices in his head that kept reminding him of all the mistakes he had made regarding his love, torturing his brain endlessly. However when he looked around his room and didn't see her, he realized that maybe the voices were right and it wasn't just the usual nightmares. She's really not here.

He decided to get up and clear his head by standing on the balcony for a while. Zuko sighed as he stared up at the dark blue sky with twinkling little stars and a half moon shining above him. A cold breeze hit his dampened naked torso, helping the hot-headed firebender come down to his senses and the voices in his head to quiet down to mere whispers. Finally he could think straighter.

'It was just a nightmare, Zuko. Y/N is here, remember? You had dinner with her last night and she fell asleep in your arms. She never died', he spoke to himself. However this caused a series of new questions to arise in his mind. Where could she be? What if Azula had taken her? Or someone that liked his father better than the new firelord? What if-? What if-?

Zuko tried to shut the voices out by closing his eyes, but immediately opened them when he heard the noise of a door closing behind him. Upon turning around he was met with the surprised face of Y/N, her expression softening when she noticed the distressed look in her lover's eyes and the messy hair.

'Another nightmare?', she asked while crossingthe distance to meet with Zuko. He simply nodded while embracing her tightly. 'Justthe usual, but you're safe and that's all that matters to me.'

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