Chapter 1: A New Dawn, A New Day, A New Life

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[Ruby's POV; Age 15 (Lauriam died on Ruby's birthday)]

It's been a month since Lauriam died and even though he doesn't blame me for what happened to him I can't help but feel like it's my fault that he died.

If only I didn't crack under the pressure of witch's empty bluff then he might still be here with me and we would've become the greatest huntsman and huntress duo their ever was...but now that can't happen...

Why? Why did I break down in front of them? Why did I say that you did it when it was clear that it was me who broke that damn sword!?

Anyway I converted the Wayfinder charm that big brother gave into a necklace with the Wayfinder acting as the pendant/charm. I still don't forgive myself for what happened nor do I feel that I deserve to keep this gift of his after I betrayed his trust and got him killed...

After his funeral Aunts Qrow and Raven took me away from that place to start training me to be the huntress that big brother wanted me to be.

We moved into a house that was close to big brother's grave which was located on a cliff.

Sometimes during the night I would sneak up there and tell him how my day was but sometimes I don't come out immediately since on those days I would either see the woman who carried me for nine months, the girl who I don't consider a sibling any more, the bastard who took Lauriam away from me, or all three of them standing and staring at Lauriam's grave before they would collapse onto their knees and beg for his forgiveness almost as if they were praying to someone of higher power to hear them out and grant their wish.

But after that day I realised there is no true happy ending in this world of senseless slaughter where everyone is against everyone. There is no wish that could bring back the dead, I know this...And yet...It doesn't stop me from wishing upon a star in false hope that might work...

Tonight I'm heading to Lauriam's grave to give him fresh roses and tell him how I've been. I'll see you in a bit big brother

(AN: No she isn't going to commit suicide you sick fucks (just kidding about the "sick fucks" comment))

*Timeskip brought to you by this timecard from spongebob*

[Still Ruby's POV]

I slowly opened my window after putting on a decent cloak so I won't be to affected by the sheer cold that is a windy snowy cliff and then climbed out of my with crescent rose in it's sword like form

(AN: For those who don't know this is her "sword" and attire)

(AN: For those who don't know this is her "sword" and attire)

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