Two-Faced Daughter of Lies/Truth

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Smile on the outside

Bleeding on the inside.

Her soul is screeching

Like a banshee of the night.

Crying, bleeding, screaming, dying.

Emotions swirling around the girl,

Fires engulfing her surrounding.

Cries of the children,

Blood of the innocent, 

Infections of the dirty

Slowly eat at her soul

Until there is nothing left.

The sun is blacked out

Losing all faith in them.

All lies fill that noisy head of hers

Inside her disgusting mind.

Laughing with her friends

Smiles and all

Caring for the ill-hearted, 

Praying for the damned,

Love for the sinners,

Smiles for the broken,

But no pity for the fake.

Can't leave a man behind,

A lady fallen,

A child helpless

In her world of pink skies.

Happy families

And truth be told

With her false notes.

Two sides

Two my story.

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