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You walked into the trailer, sighing as you did so. Collapsing onto the small sofa, a wide smile on your face when you realized that Michael, your husband, would have finished the concert by now.

Fiddling your fingers, you began to grow more anxious. You missed Michael a lot

For six whole months, the two of you hadn't spent any quality time together, especially since Michael was on his world tour.

Suddenly, the trailer door opened - making you look up. As expected, your husband had just finished the performance for the night. He was all sweaty, and his white shirt underneath his black leathet jacket, clung to his skin.

He had a tired look on his face as he shut the door. He made his way to the mini fridge, fetching himself a bottle of water. Once he had achieved the aforementioned - he turned his head to look at you,"

"No thanks," you mumbled as he made his way to sit down next to you.

Silence introduced itself momentarily before Michael cleared his throat.

"What's wrong, you seem tense," he furrowed his eyebrows.

"Michael..." you sighed, trailing off. "There's someting that I need to tell you,"

Michael frowned, clearly confused.

"Michael...I...I'm pregnant," you whispered, making his eyes go wide. He set the bottle of water down.

"What?" he sounded disappointed. "I thought that we were going to wait a year,"

"I know, but now I'm pregnant, and you're on tour - so we are't ready to have children. But they're gifta from heaven," you smiled a little.

"No," Michael whispered to himself. "This can't be happening," he remarked before walking out of the trailer.

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