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You sat at the table, a tired look on your face. Your cup of coffee sat on the table, still warm. As you flipped the pages of the magazine before you - your heart suddenly began to sink.

Thinking of your husband, Michael, was hard not to do - especially since he had been dead for three years. You closed the magazine - standing up from the chair. Suddenly, the telephone began to ring.

You walked over to the device, picking up the receiver.

"Hello?" you sighed.

"Mom?" you heard your daughter, Ayla's, voice ring through from the other side. You and Michael only had one precious little girl, and now - she was twenty five years old, an adult. She was married, and had a child of her own - a boy named Jeremy.

"Ayla," you smiled a little. Hearing your daughter's voice always made your day.

"How are you doing? Today's the 25th, so I knew you'd be a little sad," she sniffled a little, making you tear up. "Shall I come over? I can bring Jeremy along,"

You smiled. You could never refuse the opportunity to spend time with your daughter, and your grandson.

"That'll be lovely, dear," you responded. "The idea is perfect,"


After about an hour since Ayla called, her and Jeremy had finally arrived at your doorstep, your four year old grandson ran into your arms.

"Grandma!" he exclaimed as you lifted him up.

"Jeremy!" you laughed, kissing his cheek as Ayla watched on. She entered the house and shut the door behind her, taking a look around the house.

"Mom," she sighed as you set Jeremy down. "It's so lonely here," she walked over to sit down on the sofa, and you did the same. "Come and live with Mark and I," she referred to her husband. "I hate seeing you like this,"

Jeremy ran to a spot in the living room where you kept a box of toys for him whenever he visited. You sighed and fiddled with your fingers.

"I don't want to," you shook your head. "There are so many memories here," you smiled a little upon remembering the times that Michael and you had had together.

"Mom, I know it hurts," Ayla took your hand in hers. "But I know that we'll be okay," she began to tear up. "Besides, dad wouldn't want us to be upset. He'd want us to smile,"

"I know," you whispered. "I know,"


Several hours later, Ayla was laying on your lap as you told her stories of Michael and yourself. You ran your fingers through her hair gently, smiling a little.

Jeremy had fallen asleep on the carpet floor.

"And...at that moment," you sighed. "We knew we'd be right for each other,"

"Did the two of you...do it?" she giggled.

"Oh no, honey," you laughed. "All that was after marriage,"

"So you guys were like...perfect couple," she breathed. "I really admire your relationship with dad. It's perfect,"

"Just like yours with Mark," you responded.

Ayla stayed silent, enjoying the feeling of your fingers through her hair.

"Mom, is there anything that you...regret?" Ayla sat up, looking at you.

"No, darling," you leaned your head back against the sofa. "Every moment that we had was pure magic,"


A couple of hours had passed by since Ayla and Jeremy had left. At present moment, you were at the gravesite - visiting Michael's tomb.

You walked up to the headstone, tears already forming in your eyes. Upon reaching the aforementioned - you ran your hands along the smooth cement.

Getting down on your knees, you let the tears run down your face. Fate was cruel.

The heavens were cruel.

You sniffled before whispering.

"I love you, Michael. I always have, and I always will,"

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