Chapter ThirtyFive- Stakes Don't Just Kill Vampires

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What I really like about having Amanda and Ren as my main voices is that we get to see two different sides of the werewolf in this story. Where Amanda can change at will and is powerfull because of birth rights, Ren is bound by the moon and has to work hard to gain power. Of course, that is mostly by force of the fist. I still just really like this because now we can have a look into both a female and male mind as well as the mind of two different werewolves.


Chapter ThirtyFive- Stakes Don't Just Kill Vampires

July 25th: Waxing Crescent 

    "Hey man, is Haden here yet?" I called down the cellar at Joseph. No reply came and as I took a closer look, the lights were all turned off. It was a given that Joseph liked the dark but the least he could do was reply to me. 

    "Joseph, come on! I know you're probably sleeping or something, but is it really too hard to answer me?"

    I was just peeking back down into the cellar when Joseph appeared right in my face, having climbed the latter so quiet that I didn't even hear him. I was so startled to have him appear like that that I jumped back, tumbling onto the ground like an idiot. What the heck did he think he was doing? Sneaking around should be prohibited or something especially with recent events. 

    "Haden said he wasn't going to be in today. Their will be another meeting tomorrow though and some people are coming in to fix the secure room."

    Inciting an annoyed groan, I thrusted the envelope to Joseph, specifically telling him that it was for Haden's eyes only. Joseph gave me a mock salute before disappearing back into his little cellar. I wondered for a brief moment how he got around down there with the lights off. It was really strange to think about. 

    Walking back down to the dreary mansion I thought about Amanda, wondering how in the world I'd even started like her to begin with. I mean yes, she was beautiful and no one could deny that, but it was troublesome thinking of when I actually starting liking the woman. 

    Ever since I met her she seemed to hate me, making it a fun game to mess around with her. It was always banter between us with sarcastic comment after the other. Not to mention I'd taken many opportunities to sexually harrass her, but that had just been for fun. I guess I could say that the real time I started liking her was that night we went in search of Haden. I'd tried kissing her in the car but she refused, only to come back moments later and kiss me angrily. 

    Then there was the other time when she'd confessed everything she'd done in her past, crying her eyes out on my stairs. That would probably have to be the real turning point which was something I couldn't forget. Never had I felt the same way about a girl and it was almost scary to think about. Yes, I'd slept with Courtney a few times but I'd never felt anything beyond just having sex. Being with Amanda had been different for me. She didn't throw herself all over people and she sure as heck didn't let anyone walk all over her. She was strong and someone I could rely on no matter what. 

    Annoyance surged through me as I thought how much I wanted the old Amanda back. Why was luck never in her favor. As far as I could see nothing seemed to go right in her life and in that way I could relate to her. The desire to hold her and never let go went through my thoughts, making me shake them away quickly. I never thought like that. 

    Amanda had done something to me though and I really wanted her back...

    "Hey Ren!" called Andy. I hadn't realized that I'd already made it to the front yard where Andy and Dylan were getting out of their car. Behind them I could see Courtney with this annoying little smirk on her face. Wow, never had I hated her so much except in this moment. 

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