Eyes On Her

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Part 19-

Demi-" doctor!!! Nurse? Anyone!!!" She said running out the room, shouting out.

Demi family heard the shouting, Dianna runs to Demi hugging thinking something bad as happened to Y/N, but Dianna calm down once Demi told her what she heard then she looked to her family and Demi sees a man stood with her family that she hasn't seen before. She let's go of Dianna and walks over to this man, she knows who it is, but how is she going to go about this?

"Ohh I'm Y/N's girlfriend. Nice to meet you?"

Because about if Y/N's family didn't know she was gay? Didn't agree with same sex couples? So She didn't wanna be the one to tell her family it wasn't her place. Demi just stood looking at this man whilst thinking what to say. Whilst Demi still thinking what to say, the doctor has come over and spoken to Dianna what happen. But the doctors still want to talk to Demi about Y/N's outcome. Maybe now she will want to sit with mrs. Philips now she knows Y/N okay.

Demi-" h-hi, I'm Demi Y/N's umm.. Good friend.. She's in that room if you want too see her?"

Brad-" hello Demi, I don't think it's the best thing to do right now. I'll wait till she wakes up." He said I British accent

Demi POV~

Y/N's dad is British?!? That's shocked me!! But I'm wondering why Y/N's mom isn't here with him. Maybe she is busy working or something I dunno. But I always wondered why Y/N accent was so posh but yet so American would that make sense? Believe you just had to heard her accent. But her British accent was a lot stronger than her American. But what the fuck ever, her accent is super sexy. Anyways I cat believe I heard her say " I love you" she's alive!! My baby girl is alive!! I couldn't be happier right now. I ended up going back in the room after I had a good chat with brad, he didn't really open up about theirs lives just said there moved around a lot that's why Y/N got the different accents. Weird but isn't my place to ask, I'm sure she will tell me in her own time once she has come around properly. The doctors have sit Y/N upright now because she was bossing them about which sounds about right, at least she is seeming herself still which is defo the main thing. I pulled the chair next to her before sitting down I place a kiss on her forehead and handing her the flowers I just got her, I placed the chocolate on the side table. When I went to sit down, she looked at me really weird like she didn't even know who the hell at first I thought she just might be confused because of the bang to the head. But the doctor came back in after like 10mins and wanted to talk, he was saying how she might be a little confused because what happened and I'll just have to take it slow with her, or she lost her memory, the minute he said the last sentence I just bust out crying, Y/N was looking at me with a sorry face. The doctor did the normal checks on her before I've again leaving the move. It was so hard talking to even start a convo with the one love I love, yet she might no even remember me but we manage to have a convo still...

Y/N-" hi cutie. I guess one of is have to start the convo instead of just looking at each other" she said smiling at you

Demi-" h-hey *blushes* yeah I guess so... Y/N d-do you reme-" boom cut off

Y/N-" of course I do? You're Demi Lovato right? The most beautiful and amazing person ever. Not to forget that amazing and powerful voice. But what I also remember that in Snow White, she gets kissed to come back alive, yet I don't remember my super hot girlfriend doing that" she said smirking

Demi-" OMG BABY YOU REMEMBER ME!! *crying* you know you're such a dork? Haha.. Close your eyes then"

It's sooo late but I wanted to do a little update for y'all .... Know I haven't wrote a lot but meh.

Thanks for the reading, voting.

If it wasn't for y'all I probably wouldn't carried on writing. Hope you all enjoyed.. I'll try updating soon and bigger next time!



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