♡What Were The Chances?|Part Eight♡

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(Y/N) laid in the backseat as I drove along. She was unconscious, and I was so worried.

"Don't worry," I spoke, hoping she could hear me. "Baby, it'll be alright. I've got you,"

My heart was racing as I finally brought the car to a stop, outside of the hospital. As I got out, several people recognized me - but I didn't pay attention. I needed to make sure that (Y/N) was okay.

I stopped a passing nurse, making her frown a little.

"Is everything okay, sir?" she inquired when she saw just how much I was panicking. "Sir?"

"Uh..my girlfriend," I managed. "She's in the backseat...and she's unconscious..she's got a fever...and and.." I couldn't speak properly.

The nurse nodded before beckoning several other nurses her way. One of the brought a gurney along, and in the blink of an eye - (Y/N) was being wheeled into the emergency unit. I followed closely. I needed her to be alright.

Once she had disappeared into the emergency unit - I stood in the foyer, more anxious that anyone could possibly be.

The minutes seemed to fly by like hours, making me more nervous with each second that passed. I didn't bother to sit down, and at that point - hospital security had to keep the screaming fans at bay.

Oh, (Y/N). My (Y/N) - please be alright.

Suddenly, the emergency unit door opened - revealing a male doctor. He walked up to me with a slight frown.

"Are you here for Mrs. Davis?"

"Yes," I swallowed. "How is she? Is she alright?"

"I'm afraid we had a case of severe internal bleeding. Mr. Jackson, Mrs. Davis didn't make it," the doctor sighed sadly. "Also, as a part of our disclosure rule, we must inform you that she was three months pregnant as well,"

My whole world came crashing down. Both John and I had lost a great deal. He lost his child, and I lost (Y/N). The (Y/N) who was so special to me.

I brought my hand up to cover my mouth as the tears ran down my face.

"I'm sorry," the doctor patted my shoulder before walking away.


Several days later, everyone had gathered for the funeral. John was pretty messed up, and so was I. But since (Y/N) had been with me during the last moments of her life - I prepared the funeral service.

The priest spoke, blessing (Y/N)'s body that laid inside a pristine white coffin. Tears ran down my face as her mother cried loudly.

It was sad. I had begun to question everything. Was there a God? And if so, why was he so cruel?

Why (Y/N)?

She was the sweetest person anyone could have ever met. Why her, and not me? I'd have sacrificed my life for hers in an instant.

As I closed my eyes, I began to reflect.

What were the chances that we could've had a happy life?

And with that, the priest concluded the blessing - leaving the rest of us to grieve.

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