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-Next Morning-

"I'm starvin'!" Prompto yelled as he patted his growling stomach.

"We shall eat at a nearby eatery once Noct is ready," Ignis informed the whining boy.

Sapphira sat at the foot of the bed, her eyes staring at the wall. Gladio noticed her strange behavior and waved a hand in front of her face. "Eos to Sapphira."

She snapped out of her daze and met the bodyguard's amber gaze. "What?"

"You alright?"

"Peachy. Just thinking about that strange man from yesterday."

Ignis sat in the chair across from Sapphira. "You may know who hired him?"

"I have a hunch, but it's possible I could be wrong."

"He looked like a bounty hunter. Why would someone wanna target you, Sapphy?" Prompto inquired.

"Only one person's name comes to mind-Illumia." Ignis' eyes widened at hearing the name. Sapphira took note and stared into his jade eyes. "Know her, Iggy?"

"Only by name. His Majesty informed me beforehand of our departure of her. Though, I am not knowledgable about her."

Noctis emerged from the bathroom as Sapphira filled the tactician and everyone else in on the girl. "Illumia-daughter of Ifrit. She shares her father's hatred for human kind and allies herself with those who kill innocents without needing a reason. She must be the one who hired the bounty hunter from yesterday."

"Why does she want you?" Noctis pondered as he sat next to Sapphira.

"Her hatred for me is stronger than that for humans. Our rivalry has been going on for centuries, but it seems she's now resulting to human help to apprehend me." Sapphira stood up and straightened her outfit. "Now, let us discuss our next move. We should deal with the Archaean as soon as possible to stop Noct's headaches."

"We oughta take a closer look at this so-called "Disc"." Gladio uncrossed his arms and stood next to the bed.

"Then look no further than the outlook. We can use the viewer things!" Prompto announced.

"No substitute for being on site, but it would be a start. Let's see what we can glean of Noct's condition," Ignis said, agreeing to head to the outlook.

"What bout breakfast?" The blonde interjected.

"We'll eat later," Noctis declared.


As they left the Leville, they headed down the nearest alleyway and followed it to the main road. Crossing the street, the five walk down the staircase and cross the parking lot. When the outlook came into view, Sapphira stopped in her tracks when she spotted familiar auburn hair blowing in the breeze. "You've got to be kidding me..."

"What is it?" Gladio asked.

"A cockroach..."

The boys glanced in the direction Sapphira was and recognized the man in a heartbeat. "For a man of no consequence, our paths have conveniently crossed once again," Ignis stated.

"Let's get this over with. Who knows what this weirdo wants," Sapphira huffs.

The five meander to the outlook and the man felt their presence before they had said a word. "What a coincidence."

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