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Harry's P.O.V

I woke up rubbing my heavy eyes and letting out a yawn. The sunlight beamed through my bedroom room curtains, causing me to squint a bit. My thoughts immediately goes to Iris, I feel horrible for what she had went through in the past 24 hours. I know Johnny meant a lot to her, I mean she is the only person she's not a total brat to. Well Johnny and me, she will like me, once I revel her sweet side. 

"Iris!" I say with a morning voice as I go down the stairs. 

"What?" She asks with her usual pissed off tone. 

"Sleep well?" I ask. 

"No", She says. 

"Told you to sleep in my room", I add. 

"Thats not why", She spits.

"Why so than?" I ask. 

"My brother is in a foster home!" She says making me feel dumb. 

"Sorry about that", I apologize. 

"Whatever", She says rolling her eyes. 

"Finally ready to eat?" I ask her. 

"No", She blankly answers. 

"You have to", I answer. 

"No I don't", She shrugs.

"Oh didn't know you we're an alien", I say making my eyes wide. 

"I did", She says causing a smirk to grow on my face. 

"Be more sarcastic", I speak. 

"It's not possible", She adds. 

"But really you should eat. I know you're trying to be like 'oh Harry I hate you' but you should eat", I say being truthful. 

The best way to talk to Iris is with the truth, she may deny it at times though. I am going to show her that she can't fool me with her dumb act. I want to show her that I oddly enough live in her mind, I can sense her lies from miles away. 

"Harry I don't have it in me to eat when I don't know if my brother is eating", She explains with a clenched jaw.

"You have to eat then, maybe we can try to find out where Johnny is", I speak. 

Right after the words run from my mouth I see her face light up. I know she really wants to see Johnny, and I'm going to try and think of a way we can see him. I want to know as well, I loved the bond I had with Johnny. Iris is not eating because she doesn't know if Johnny is, that shows me she is actually quite selfless. 

"How? What do you mean? Where?" She asks furrowing her eyebrows. 

"I'll figure it out, but you have to eat something first", I say using a good type of blackmail. 

"Harry if I eat and you don't find me the smallest trace to Johnny, I'll throw it up on you", She threatens. 

Where does she even come up with this stuff?

"It's a deal", I agree putting my hand out. 

"I'm not shaking your hand", She says rolling her eyes. 

"Why are your palms sweating?" I ask almost laughing at my own joke.

"What the heck? No!" She says. 

"I can't make a joke?" I shrug. 

"No you can't please stop trying", She adds. 

Iris' P.O.V

After eating the food Harry forced me to eat, I feel so good. I'm not going t lie to myself, only to Harry, I was starving. I doesn't help that I love food so much.The whole time I was eating, Harry was making phone calls trying to find out something about Johnny. However, he did ask me for Monica's number to start off with. It's a good thing I didn't delete Monica's number, because I was going to. I hate to even think of her, I never knew someone could be so horrible. Well I kind of did, due to my mother. 

"Harry what did you find out?" I say as soon as he walks in. 

"Iris I guess his father took him", Harry says dropping my jaw. 

"Who is his father? I need Johnny back!" I say thinking the last part out loud. 

I don't recall anything about Johnny's father. I guess he was never anything we spoke about, I mean I don't see a reason to. I hope this man is well to him. I need Johnny back though, I don't care who he is with. 

"Is that all you know?" I question.

"Well yeah", He shrugs. 

"Is he like good to him?" I ask looking into Harry's eyes. 

"Sorry Iris I don't have the answer", Harry says looking right back into my eyes. 

Ok I feel like he's looking into my soul. 

"Harry I really need Johnny", I say about to breakdown. 

"I know", He says bringing me into a hug. 

Harry smells like cologne, and his hugs are so tight. I want to tell him to let go of me, but I really don't. I haven't gotten a hug from anyone in forever, not even Johnny. I also don't want him to see the tears in my eyes. It was at that moment I noticed I was getting used to, and attached to Harry. I can't let that happen. I liked Harry, but nothing more than a friend. I know he does this with everyone he meets, he gets to their hearts, and I'm just another one of those people. 

"Harry I need to leave", I say breaking the hug. 

"I really don't think it's healthy for you to do that", Harry says with his hands on my shoulders. 

"Harry I'm an adult I can stay home for a little", I say shaking my head. 

"I know but being home without Johnny may make you feel a bit off", Harry explains. 

This kid has to stop with his freaking words, each one is getting to me. I don't want any other human to get to me. Harry reads my thoughts, and it really pisses me off. 

"I'll be fine and I guess it's better that I leave because now we really have no reason to see each other", I explain kind of feeling a pain in my heart. 

"Why?" He asks with an almost angry face. 

"Because I don't have Johnny anymore", I shrug. 

"Iris why don't you like having friendships with people?" He asks making my eyes go wide. 

"No, it's people who don't like having friendships with me", I remark. 

"I want to", He smirks. 

"Sorry Harry, but it doesn't matter because you have lots of friends", I add. 

"Who said that?" He asks. 

"You Harry Styles don't have friends?" I reply. 

"No I have a sister a mom, and I guess one or two good lads", He says moving his hands as he speaks. 

"I'm sure you'll make some", I say walking out before he grabs my wrist. 

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