Yandere Villain! Shoto Todoroki

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Although he left his life behind, there was one person he couldn't let go of.

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She was an old friend of his. She understood him better than anyone, and she loved him. He knew she did. She had told him herself. So then why was she ignoring him? He knew you were probably sour because he left for a few years, but that was in the past. He was ready to start a life with you. Get married, love each other, and even have children together. He already had names picked out!

"I know you must be angry, love. But I made sure that my past won't come and bite us in the ass. We can be together now." Shoto said while stroking your (Pale/Tan/Dark) skin. You shivered. This wasn't the Shoto Todoroki you remembered and loved. You knew he was dangerous, one wrong word and he could kill you easily.

"S-Shoto..." You stuttered out. You could see your breath in the air.


You hesitated for a moment. Wondering if this tiny sentence will be the end of you.

"I-I... Don't love you anymore!" It was a lie. But you needed to get out of there. Shoto stopped stroking your soft skin. The faint smile on his pale handsome face disappeared completely.

"You're lying." He said, now gripping your face tightly.

"I won't let you leave. So there no use."

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