Chapter 8: The Talk

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((Y/N)'s P.O.V.)

A few days have passed and nothing really happened ever since. I walked around the city and once again admired its beauty.

Those thoughts were interrupted by thoughts of... Pearl. I mean what is this weird feeling I have in my gut. I have to ask her. Maybe she knows.

(Later at the Beach House)

Once I pushed the door open to search for her I yelled for her...

(Y/N): "Pearl!? Pearl, where are you? I have to talk to you about something!" no avail.

I didn't realize that Garnet sat on the couch watching me scream for Pearl. I looked at her and began to blush.

(Y/N): "Oh Hey Garnet. What are you doing here?"

Garnet: "We don't have anything to do right now. And what better way of biding your time than to sit on the couch."

(Y/N): "True that..."

Garnet: "I can see that you have something on your mind, (Y/N). What is it?" She patted the seat next to her."

Should I tell her? Garnet has always been there for me when I needed her. Yeah. I'm going to tell her.

I sat next to her.

(Y/N): "Well... Where do I begin? When I first met you guys I was kind of scared of what you might do with me. But when I met Pearl I just had this weird feeling in my gut and ever since that day in the amusement park this feeling began to get stronger and I wanted to ask her what this feeling is..."

Garnet: "I see..." She didn't look at me and adjusted her visors. "I think I might know what this feeling is..."

(Y/N): "You know? Please tell me."

Garnet: "It's love..."

I just stared at her and slowly began to understand. Am I really in love with her? Does she feel the same about me? I mean she is at least thousands of years older than me. That wouldn't work, right?

Garnet: "(Y/N)? (Y/N), is everything alright?"

I didn't notice that I drifted away in my thoughts.

(Y/N): "Oh yeah. Everything is fine." "Oh and Garnet...?"

Garnet: "Hmm?"

(Y/N): "Should I talk to her about it or should I just leave it?"

Garnet: "Well... I think it's up to you how you decide. But if you want to hear my opinion on it I would probably want to talk to her about it."

(Y/N): "Where can I find her then?"

Garnet: "She is probably in her room. I can guide you there if you want."

(Y/N): "Ummm. Sure..."

We stood up and walked to the door with the big star on it. As we got closer I noticed that each end of the star had a coloured point on it. But as Garnet got closer the door opened with the edges being slightly red. We entered a room with a giant well with lava in it... I looked up to see that there are a lot of bubbles around us. But one bubble especially caught my eye. A rainbow coloured one. And it looks like the one I made. Haha. So that's where it went.

After a while of climbing and walking we reached a big hall with large fountains everywhere.

Garnet: "This is her room. She should be here somewhere?"

Right after she said that, music started to occur and a ballet dancing Pearl appeared from one of the fountains. Surprisingly she didn't notice us.

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