Chapter 18; What's Going On?

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A/N; Before I get started on this chapter I would like to point out that this chapter may be explicit to some readers. I would also like to notify you that this chapter uses first and third person POV. Enjoy!

They stared in eachothers eyes for a brief moment. Then suddenly, Olivia ran into his arms. She was crying so hard now. He rubbed her back and comforted her. "It's okay, Liv." He repeated. He kissed the top of her head and continued to rub her back. "Everything is going to be okay. . ." He softly whispered as he held her in his arms. . .

~First Person; Michael POV~

I held her close to my chest and stroked her long black hair. Even when she cried she looked so beautiful. The way her tears caused her face to glisten. There was no way Olivia could ever look bad. I pecked the top of her head once more causing her to pull away from my chest. She looked up at me and stared into my eyes. I found her small height to be so cute compared to mine. I towered over her and stared back into her eyes. My heart was racing. I couldn't help myself. I cupped her face between my hands and kissed her. . .

~First Person; Olivia POV~

Being in Michael's arms felt so right. I felt safe. I felt comfortable there. I knew my tears had ruined his pajama top but I knew he could care less in this moment. I held one hand against my damp face and the other wrapped around Michael's back. I felt him peck the top of my head for a second time. Bryson made me feel so alone after hearing what he'd done. I needed this. I needed Michael. His love is all I have ever wanted. I pulled back from resting on his chest and looked deep into his eyes. I bit my lower lip. He cupped his hands around my face and began kissing me. Fireworks went off inside of me. I began to forget about Bryson. I didn't want to pull back from Michael. I felt my knees growing weaker. His hands made their way down the sides of my body. They stopped at my hips for a brief moment. I wrapped my arms around his neck. He began lifting me off the ground and holding me in his arms. My legs were now wrapped around his body.
He set me down on the couch and proceeded to get on top of me. I had butterflies like crazy but I didn't want him to stop. His lips trailed away from mine and met again at my neck. He continued to softly kiss on my neck. "Michael." I softly whispered. "I want you." I seductively told him. He got up on his knees, remaining between my legs, and removed his shirt. I had never done this before so I decided to go along with it. I tried to remove mine as best as I could while laying down. Once we both lied there shirtless, we continued kissing. Time progressed and after a few more minutes our naked bodies were pressed against eachother. I couldn't believe Michael and I were doing this. Doing it. Especially when my mother had the opportunity to walk through the door and catch us red handed at any moment. For some reason, I didn't seem to care. It was my first time so I laid there while Michael did all the work. I won't lie, it hurt, but I wanted him so bad. I tried not to be too loud as he thrusted deeper inside of me. He was so big. He started slow and sped up with time. This went on for about 10 minutes until we had finally finished.
I had known I was bleeding but the dark couch hid the stains. However I knew I still had to clean it up either way. Michael got up from being on top of me. We both sat on the couch, side by side. We had begun to get redressed. "Are you okay?" He asked me. "Y- yeah" I stuttered. As badly as it hurt, I enjoyed being in that moment with Michael. I wouldn't have had it any other way. Once I finished redressing, I dismissed myself from the room and limped, yes limped, to my room. . .

~Third Person POV; Michael~

Michael sat on the couch now fully clothed and laid back in relaxation. His feelings had begun to get stronger. He didn't expect that to happen between those two but he was grateful it did. Though nothing was official between them, he knew that Olivia was his girl. He laid his head against the back of the couch and his eyes were closed. He thought about everything that just happened. Michael's attention turned to the front door as the knob began to turn. He sat up right on the couch and turned the television on. He didn't want it to seem as though he just slept with Olivia. "Hey Michael!" Rosie said as she walked in. "Hey Rosie. How has job hunting been going?" He asked her. "I have an interview next week so that's good. Where's Olivia?" She questioned. "She just went into her room a little while ago." He truthfully responded. "Were you two watching a movie?" She asked. There was a sexual scent that lingered in the air. Rosie grew suspicious about it, but she didn't think that way of her daughter so she decided not to mention anything. "Yeah" Michael lied. "Oh alright, well, I'm going to take a nap. I'll be back down in about an hour, okay?" She told him. He nodded and Rosie dismissed herself to her room.
About a half hour later, Olivia finally came back down stairs. She refused to look Michael in his eyes. He smiled. He found her shyness to be very cute. "Do you want to watch a movie, Liv?" He asked. She nodded and made her way back over to the couch, sitting beside him. He clicked play on the movie, E. T., his favorite. About 10 minutes into the movie Michael discreetly glanced over at Olivia. He slowly slid his hand across the couch in the direction of hers and grabbed it. She didn't snatch away. Instead she grabbed his hand back as well. They stayed like this for a while. Thinking only about the movie and each other. Because of this, they failed to realize that Rosie had come down stairs and seen them. "What's going on here?" Rosie asked as she stared at their hands. The two snatched away and seperated from eachother. "Oh, mom!" Olivia answered her. An awkward presence filled the room as they all exchanged eye contact with each other. . .

A/N; This one is a short chapter I know! I'm sorry! I'm babysitting a 9 month old (who crawls lol) and writing and it's not so easy to do both. However, I hope you enjoyed this chapter! More to come soon -B_R_I_A♡

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