"Oh my God." Maddy gasped. "I'm going to get help!"

I quickly ran to her and she looked so drained of life. She had to be here for a while. I pressed my hand down on her stomach in an effort to slow down the bleeding. Using my free hand, I placed my hand on her cold cheek. "Kimora, can you hear me?"

"Y-Yeah..." I sighed in relief but, I was still panicking. She tried to open her eyes but, I could see she was on the brink of slipping into unconsciousness. It was scaring me. Who could've don't this? Why her? She didn't deserve this.

She closed her eyes but, I caressed her cheek, making her open them again. "We're going to get you help." My voice cracked. "Just keep talking."

"It hurts... so bad." She said slowly and I gave her a sad smile. "I know, baby. I know..."

Surely enough, it wasn't that long since Maddy walked off but, judging by how long it took Mare and I to get to Kimora, it'll take a while before anyone got here. I glanced up to see Mare gazing down at Kimora in horror. I could tell she was wondering how I wasn't horrified too much from seeing this but, I was used to it. She didn't need to know that.

"We need to find the bullet casings."

Mare wiped the tears from her face, quickly putting on a face of determination. "W-What do they look like?"

"Shiny, gold-ish, and small, like a bullet but, an empty shell. Just don't touch it if you find them."

She nodded and flashed her light around as she scooped the area. I was hoping this person was inexperienced when using a gun and left them there. It'd be easier to find the son of a bitch who did this.

I looked down at Kimora once again. She still is having trouble staying conscious. The life in her light brown eyes kept flickering. We couldn't stay here. We had to leave as soon as Mare found the bullets.

"Hey." Kimora grabbed my hand with a loose grip. "My leg..." I glanced down and could see the blood on her leg. I didn't see it earlier because her pajamas were black. 

"How do I slow it down?" I asked her. She knew what to do. She said it once before that her mother was a nurse. She guided me to use my belt to tie above the wound. It was easy and just as we finished, Mare had called me.

"I found the bullet casings!" She exclaimed and I watched as she reached down to pick them up. "No! You're going to get your fingerprints on them."

"I'm using a leaf!" She said and I realized, drawing my attention back to Kimora. Her eyes were closed and I lightly shook her. "Stay with me. I'm going to pick you up," I told her, scooping her from the ground. She cried out in pain and I apologized.

"Let's hurry," I said to Mare and she nodded.


I emptily stared at the fluorescent lights. I don't know how long Mare and I have been waiting for the doctor to come back with news. Hopefully, it'll be good news but, with Kimora's condition, I sure there will be bad.

Kimora didn't even want me to let go of her when the doctors took her off my hands. I didn't want to either but, it's better to let the professionals handle it.

I called her parents and Tyler since he's the only one I knew that he had his phone on him during the trip. I know he had to tell the others and I'm sure Kamila would've been distraught that we didn't run to her when we were at the forest but, I couldn't make stops, Kimora wouldn't be alive if I did.

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