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"Found you!" Mare cheered as she smirked, obviously enjoying her victory. With the screams and shouts I heard, she clearly was on a streak.

I furrowed my eyebrows, pushing the flashlight she had out of my eyes. "I wasn't even hiding."

"Then why are you so far out in the forest?" She asked and I sighed. "I was looking for Kimora. I haven't seen her."

"We are playing manhunt. She's probably hiding." Mare predicted, looking off into the distance. That didn't shake the bad feeling off of my shoulders. I'm sure I heard gunshots and I pray Kimora wasn't caught in that crossfire.

"I doubt it," I said, continuing to walk ahead. I heard her footsteps run up to catch up with me. "I'll help. I don't know Kimora that much so if you say something's wrong, I'll believe you."

I nodded and I fell silent. She flashed her light around as she called for Kimora but, there was no response back each time. My worries were piling up every minute that past by. I thought this would be a nice break. From Axel or any other petty person who wanted to bother us. Everything has been great for the past two days.

Maybe it was just nothing. Kimora probably hears Mare and thinks we are playing still. "Did you hear gunshots?" I looked down at Mare who looked deep in thought. "Yeah but, that was like a while ago. I'm guessing it was a hunter shooting some animal."

"This place is restricted for hunting and only meant for camping," I stated. I knew that because I did come here before everyone else to observe the place. It's a habit for me to know the layout of a location. It's a big forest so she could be anywhere.

A twig snapped nearby and I used Mare's arm to flash in the direction I heard it. Maddy froze like a deer in headlights, throwing her hands up to block the light from flashing her eyes. "What the hell? Get that out of my face!" She screeched.

"What are you doing all the way out here?" Mare asked, not bothering to move the light after I had let go of her.

She rolled her eyes. "Obviously, I was hiding but, you found me." Her eyes then widened with recognition as she met me face. "Jaxon, I didn't expect for you to be finding me." She walked closer, reaching to touch me but, I swatted her hand before she could. I wasn't in the mood to deal with her. "Did you see Kimora anywhere?"

Her eyes flicked with hurt but, she quickly brushed it off and gave me a flirty smile. "Who cares?" She hugged me out of nowhere, clenching onto my shirt. "Let's go somewhere together-"

I pushed her off of me and she stumbled back, almost tripping. "I fucking care. I'm not playing these games. Answer my question, Maddy." There was a shocked look on her face, as well as Mare's. I underestimated my strength and my voice. I was pissed that she really was trying to get with me still. Kimora is nowhere to be found. I have to find her.

Hurt flickered in her green eyes before she glared at the leaves. " I'm sure she went back to the campsite."

"Ugh. All this walking for nothing." Mare groaned, starting to trudge back in the direction we came. I followed after her as Maddy walked closely behind me.

But, there was a cry out of help and the way Mare stopped, I know she heard it too.

"Kimora?!" Mare called out as we turned back around, running to where the help came from. We made it to a clearing in the forest and I froze from the sight as Mare flashed the light. Kimora was bleeding out from her stomach.  

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