|part 2|

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Billies P.O.V
I was preforming CopyCat when i saw her.The girl i said was fine as Fuck...Yup. She was going sooo hard to my music and i loved it.(skip to after the concert). Bro ive seen so many fine ass girls but I reallyyy wanna see that girl again.I DIDNT EVEN GET HER NAME!! i hope shes still here.

Your P.O.V
I was in the line for the last m&g and i dont know if billie really cared if was here cause she usually asks the fans for their name and she didnt even care to ask me but ehh i still love her in both ways(LOVE love and Musical Love😂)It was finally my turn and as i was walikng up to her she ran to me and gave me the tightest hug.
Billie-Omg im sooo sorry are you okay....
Y/n-Y/f/n and yeah im fine.
Billie-Okay well whats going on BBYGRL?
Y/n-Nothing much but after this I have to catch a train to somewhere else...You are beautiful bro and its fucking me over.
Billie-Me? Beautiful?WHAT.. FUCK NO BITCH YOU IS A GODDESS. Wanna nother picture.

After today i think i love her more..BRO SHE CALLED ME BABYGIRL.!.Anyways I need to hurry and pack cause im going to another concert of hers in Ontario and im taking the train cause i only live in Vancouver soo...(Skip to the Next concert)

Your P.O.V
Im kinda sad cause in thus concert i have the fifth row seat but ehh who cares i guess. And I found out that Ontario doesnt have "before show m&g".Anyways billie just came on stage and She looks even better rn.She is wearing a black croptop that hugs all of her cleavage,Baggy white pants,and a yellow head band and belt.She started off with 'Bellyache' and finished with 'When The Partys Over'..Man i love that song.   Im standing in line for the after m&g when some little girl asked me if i was dating Billie.I WISH!!
y/n-No sorry.
girl-okay you should though
y/n-Haha okay how old are you
girl-Five.But i gotta go its my turn to meet Billie.
When ahe left I was thinking about what she said. 'You should' kept replaying over and over until finneas told me it was my turn.

Billie P.O.V
Brooo.y/n is here...Thats why she had to get on the train..
Y/n-Hey billie
billie-Hey y/n i didnt think i was gonna see you again.
Y/n-Well here i am.haha
When she giggled i melted inside.its so adorable.I wanted to give her about a million hugs.So i just asked for her number
Billie-Can i have your number
y/n-Uhh u-um y-yyeah i-i Guess its 720-778-9987(DONT TRY TO CALL IT CAUSE IT ISNT A REAL NUMBER!!💀)
Billie-Ok thanks mamas lets take a picture really quick.

Your P.O.V
Once i got home i turned my ringer back on and got about 5 messages from a random number.
???-Hey bbg
???-Whats up
???-Oml im sooo stupid
???-its billie
???-srry love
y/n-Haha hey billie whats up
*changed name to Bil💖*
Bil💖-Nothing. wby
y/n-same i just got home and now i bored as fuq
Bil💖-Haha wanna facetime

Not even 30 seconds later did she call.
Billie-Hey mamas
Billie-are u uncomfortable with me calling you babygirl cause i can stop if u like.
y/n-No no its ok i actually like it.Its just ive never been called that cause ive never have dated anyone or never been called that.
Billie-Your kidding  right. How have you NEVER dated someone ur a goddess.
y/n-I guess no one has ever thought so

The whole night you and billie were on facetime talking about tour,Your life,and if yall were gonna see eachother again.

y/n-Alright bil. Im tired and have school tomorrow.
Billie-okay babygirl goodnight
y/n-Goodnight have a good day tomorrow.
billie-I will you too..
*Call has ended*
your thinking
Oml this is totally a dream just talked to billie eilish on facetime.WOW.Im not saying a word to anyone about this cause they will think im nuts.

***********Heyyo Billie Babies.This one is way longer than the first one cause i felt bad for making such a short chapter anyways...Plz comment any ideas and share to ur fwends.BYEEEE*************(783 WORDS)

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