Mia's POV

My legs hurt so bad! I worked myself like way too hard. I went on like every exercise machine here. Because Luke is so awesome, he went outside to drive the car to the front of the building so I don't have to walk too much. I love him. He wasn't sore because he didn't do anything, he just sat there watching me. He's kinda creepy sometimes.

I needed to use the bathroom, so I went into the little hallway where the bathrooms were and went inside the womens' one. When I walked out the bathroom door, Someone ran into me. Ow.

"Watch where you're going." I snapped. It was Josh. Why does he have to be here? Espacially when Luke isn't here.

"Oh, Mia hi!" Josh said. He really does think he has another chance.

"Can you like move, please?" I ask kind of rudely, but hey it was pretty rude of him to cheat on me.

"Nope." Josh said. He pushed me against the wall and started to lift my shirt up. Of course he picked a place where nobody could see us to do this.

"Josh sto-" I tried to say but he crashed his lips on to mine. He wanted me to open my mouth, but I'm not doing that. No way. When Josh realized he wasn't getting entrance to my mouth, he punched me right in the stomach. Boy, did it hurt? I gasped in pain and he took advantage of that and slipped his tongue in my mouth. Why? Why is this happening to me?

Luke's POV

Okay, I just parked the car in front of the gym. Mia really did overwork herself today, I just watched her. I know it's creepy, but she's my girlfriend so that makes it less creepy, right? Anyway, I have to use the bathroom so I walked into the gym and I didn't see Mia so maybe she's in the bathroom too. I turned the corner into the little hallway thing where the bathrooms are. I saw something awful and disgusting. Josh was all over Mia, his hand was up her shirt and he was kissing her. At first I was mad that Mia would do that to me, but then I saw a tear in her eye and I knew that she didn't want what was happening to her.

I snuck up behind Josh and I heard him say "Your boyfriend ain't gonna save you now is he?" At that point, I snapped. I wasn't about to let him put those thoughts in Mia's head, I would protect her from anything.

I grabbed him from the back of his shirt and slammed him into the wall behind me. When he was removed from Mia, she fell to the floor and started bawling. I went over to her, but before I could help her up, I was pulled away from her. I turned around to face Josh and he punched me in the jaw. It hurt, but not too bad. I was dazed for a second, but then I punched him back, right in the nose. He stumbled back until he hit the wall, I punched him again and again and again until he fell on the floor. I needed to check on Mia, I turned around and she was still on the floor crying. I sat down next to her and touched her hand, she pulled her hand away and then looked up at me. She sat up and hugged me tighter than I've ever been hugged. 

Someone must have saw the fight and called the police because they just showed up.

"What happened?" the police officer asked me.

"That idiot tried to rape my girlfriend." I said. I felt so bad saying it, it wouldn't have happened if I was by her side.

"Is that true, miss?" the officer asked Mia. She just nodded. She's still shaking.


Josh ended up getting arrested. Mia and I are on our way home. We've been out all day, it is like 8pm now and I am starving. I didn't want to stop anywhere for food because I want to talk to Mia as soon as possible and apologize for not being with her. I love her so much.

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